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Monday 8th February

05 Feb 2021

Good Morning Class 1!

We are nearly at the end of the half term - just 5 more days of home school and then you can all have a very well earned rest!

Remember, you can find all of the activities this week and an overview of what is coming up on Teams in the files section. There is a folder called 8.2.21 and if you open the overview, all the activities are linked from there. If you have any problems accessing anything though please let us know.

Our catch up today will be at 9.30am and we are sharing a story, it is a story that I have read before so I am hoping you will be able to join in! We may also have a go at playing a game of tomato ketchup (Thank you to Edward and Rupert for the suggestion!)


Please watch the Geraldine the Giraffe video on todays phoneme 'ow'  

Then follow the link below and complete the activities BBC Bitesize  

If you would like a challenge, see if you can write a few words using ow 


Can you draw a story map for our story this morning? Or maybe you could use a different story you enjoy at home. If you want a challenge, you could write a book review using this template:



Follow this link for the session 1 Video 

Today we are looking at matching 

Here is the follow up activity:    -PDF-Growing-6-7-8-Week-2-Session-1.pdf-  

If you would like a challenge, try this matching number representations
   -Monday 2-V318722877.pdf-  

Understanding the World

Choose an animal that lives in a polar region and see what you can find out. Here are some fact files on some of the animals to get you started.

  -Polar animal fact files.docx-  

Get Active!

Can you practice your throwing and catching? Grab some empty bottles and containers and see if you can knock them down with a ball. 

We hope you have a great start to the week and look forward to you sharing your work with us. We would love to see any polar animal facts you can find smiley
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