Foundation Stage

We are the Reception class. Our Class Teacher is Miss Wray.

We show:      Responsibility for our belongings and the resources we use.
                         Respect through listening to each other, working together and helping each other.
                          Effort by trying our best, keeping our work neat and not giving up.
                          Aspiration by asking questions, taking risks and reaching for the stars!

​Take a look at our classroom, which area would you like to explore?



In reception we learn by playing and exploring, being active, and through creative and critical thinking which takes place both indoors and outside. In our classroom we have lots of different areas that we can use to learn, these are:


  • A quiet area that we can use for reading, 
  • Construction area where we can plan and make models, 
  • Role play area for using our imagination, 
  • Writing area to develop our drawing and other writing skills, 
  • Creative area for collage, paint and modelling work, 
  • A music area for exploring sounds,
  • A computer area for using technology to support our learning.
  • An investigation area for investigating the world around us.
  • A water area for exploring capacity.
  • A funky fingers table for using playdough and other malleable materials. 

We have an outdoor area which we can use all year round the weather! In our outdoor area we have;

  • a sand area, 
  • a water area, 
  • a role play area, 
  • a creative area, 
  • a small world area,
  • a reading area,
  • a music area,
  • Mark making areas. 

    We know that we can learn both inside and outside of the classroom and we like to go on school trips and have visitors into school to help us in our learning experience. We have been to the National Rail Museum, Bolton Castle, Harlow Carr Gardens, Bolton Abbey and we have lots more trips and visitors planned for this year.

Class 1 is a fun place to learn, here are some quotes from the children:

“I like building with the lego.” 

“I like drawing.” 

“I like learning about numbers.” 

“I like fruit time.” 

“I like playing in the home corner, with the babies.” 

“I like the writing table and the playdough table.” 

“I like building train tracks.”  

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