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 It is important that our children BELIEVE in themselves and the possibilities available to them, to LEARN by embracing challenge, questioning the world around them, reflecting and not being afraid to take risks so that they FLOURISH as unique individuals and the role models of the future.

Our vision is embedded within our chosen Bible verse which comes from I Corinthians 13v13.
We have chosen 1 Corinthians 13v3 as Faith, Hope and Love are essential to Christian belief. For Christians, faith is a complete trust and confidence in God. Christians have hope and have a confident expectation for God’s purposes to be fulfilled. Through Corinthians, Paul teaches that love is the most important gift we have been given, as God's love for the world is unconditional, generous, 
unending and unfailing.
Although we are a church school, the values we take from 1 Corinthians 13 are also applicable to those who are from a different faith or belong to no faith group at all.  Faith allows us to have complete trust and confidence in our schools; the people within them and the things we do. We want our children to have hope for their future, to nurture the feelings and desire for something positive to happen. We want our children to understand that we are all unique individuals which make up a school family and community which through love, allows us to care for one another, celebrate diversity, be patient and kind and treats others how we would like to be treated.

We want all the children in our school to experience our core values of FAITHHOPE and LOVE so that they can Believe, Learn and Flourish.

 Our school sits in the beautiful North Yorkshire countryside,  providing an environment  that gives our children first hand experience of the outdoor classroom where they can engage with the changing seasons and be part of our rural community.

A sense of family is very important to us and we want our children, parents, teachers, helpers and members of the wider community to work together.

We know, of course, that our children are the future, that we are preparing them for a life that we cannot predict; for jobs that haven’t been invented yet. We need to enable our children to learn skills that will allow them access to learning wherever and whenever it may be.

We have built our reputation on providing learning that is of high quality, not quantity, it is not about the coverage of subjects but about the impact of subjects on learning.
Learning at Fountains is underpinned by a strong Christian ethos, we want our children to explore values, develop empathy, to be resilient and resourceful and to make connections with the wider, global community.


We have a dedicated team of staff who are passionate about developing every child’s potential. Come and see us, you will be most welcome. Help us to give our children an appetite for learning.

Pam Acheson
(Executive Headteacher)


Thank you for your interest in our school. If you require any more information, would like a free paper copy of any of the documents, would like any of the information in a different language, braille or large print or would like to visit, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  Aby otrzymać te informacje w innym języku lub formacie, np. w alfabecie brajla, w wersji dużym drukiem lub audio, prosimy się z nami skontaktować.

You can reach our administrator, Lucy Mawer in the school office; telephone 01765 620631 or email office@gfschools.co.uk

Our Christian Values

Faith in God Peace and Humility Loyalty and Commitment Wisdom
Trust Responsibility Self-control and Moderation Friendship
Kindness and Compassion Justice Honesty and Integrity Respect
Patience and Perseverance Endurance Contentment and Thankfulness Hope

North Yorkshire
Great Britain
01765 620631
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