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02 Apr 2020
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Reading Books and Morning Jobs
19 Mar 2020
Suggested activities
16 Mar 2020
Harlow Carr Gardens
R Hebblewhite
13 Mar 2020
World Book Week
R Hebblewhite
06 Mar 2020
What a Busy Week!
R Hebblewhite
28 Feb 2020
Trip to Harlow Carr Gardens - Thursday 12th March
27 Feb 2020
Happy Half Term!
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20 Feb 2020
Milk for children when they reach age 5
11 Feb 2020
Chinese New Year!
07 Feb 2020
Comment t'appelles-tu?!
R Hebblewhite
31 Jan 2020
Five Little Monkeys!
24 Jan 2020
The Tiny Seed!
R Hebblewhite
17 Jan 2020
Happy New Year!
R Hebblewhite
13 Jan 2020
Aladdin Trouble- Christmas Production 2019
12 Dec 2019
Multi-cultural week- Week 12
27 Nov 2019
Sikhism Day- Week 11
19 Nov 2019
Week 10- A Busy Week
13 Nov 2019
Bonfire Night and Diwali- Week 9
04 Nov 2019
EYFS Evidence Me App
24 Oct 2019
Week 8 - Autumn and Harvest
23 Oct 2019
Week 7- Phonics
16 Oct 2019
Week 6- Trip to the caves- Fossils and bones
09 Oct 2019
Week 5- Dinosaur Workshop
02 Oct 2019
Class 1 - Stump Cross Caverns Trip
02 Oct 2019
EYFS Observations
01 Oct 2019
Week 4- Dinosaur Invasion
24 Sep 2019
Week 3- Phonics and Maths
19 Sep 2019
Phonics Information Evening
16 Sep 2019
Week Two- All About Me
11 Sep 2019
First week at school
05 Sep 2019
Welcome to school
05 Sep 2019


First week at school

05 Sep 2019


I would like to say a huge welcome to all of our fabulous children and their families.We had a super first week in school. We have been busy making new friends and exploring our new surrondings. Over the next few weeks we will continue to become familiar with our new classroom and our routine.
The children have already started to settle into school and  are very excited to be in their new environment. If there are any wobbles as the reality of routines and a little bit of tiredness effects, then we will reassure and help individual children. Children settle quickly once they start playing alongside their friends, please know that if we ever felt a child wasn’t settled or wasn’t well we would ring you, but if it helps we are happy for you to ring and Mrs Mallinson will come and check how your child has settled.

Once we are settled into school we will be introducing you to our electronic learning journey system, using the email address given to the School Office. If you haven't given an email address please do so we can share your child's observations with you.

Our classroom is set up so that children can access all areas of their learning environment both inside and outside. The children have impressed me with their tidying up at tidy up time. We have been working at tidying away during the session if we have finished using a resource, which is a really important skill. Our classroom will change and develop as the children do, we change things around and add new things to spark interest and learning each week. 

This week we have been getting to know each other and our school. Our children have shared photos and souveniors from their summer holidays, we have seen a snake skin, talked about farming. In the classroom areas the children have made play dough cakes, gone fishing, created their own farmyard stories and playing number games. We cant wait to discover more of the children’s interests and use these as well as our topics to inform our areas and activities.





Once we have all settled in we will begin looking at letter sounds (phonics), we will send home information. This is always a very exciting time for children starting school.

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