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Thursday 7th January

06 Jan 2021

 Good morning Class 1!

I am really looking forward to seeing you at 9.30am today smiley Please bring a toy with you to share with everyone. As I said in my message I will ring you using TEAMs, you need to be logged on to TEAMs in order to join the call. 

The plan for today is:

Phonics - Please work through the PowerPoint for our phonic session today, you should be able to hear my voice to explain what you need to do.

-Thursday phonics.pptx-  

I have set up a task on Purple mash to complete a phonic word building game if you would like to do some extra phonics. This will remain open and can be done at any time. To find the task, log in to Purple mash and you should see a notification link to the task.

Literacy - I would like to read about your favourite toy. Please draw a picture of the toy and write about it in your workbook from your pack.
You can use one of these question prompts to help you describe it:
What is it called? What does it do? Why do I like it? Use your phonic knowledge to write words from the sounds you can hear.

Think carefully about the sound that each word begins with in your sentence. Use your phonics mat to help you with the letter formation. If you can hear more sounds in each word write those down as well. You can tell a grown up what you have written.

Maths - Our Maths today is all about counting back from 5 and combining groups up to 5. Please click on the link below for our lesson today and have a go at joining in with the activities.
Five alive! Week 1 session 1

Activity -   -Session 1 task.pdf-  

If you would like a challenge try this activity: 
  -How many altogether.ppt-  

Can you write the numbers to match the groups you have counted?


Understanding the World - The theme we are starting with this term is TOYS!
In our classroom the role play area was going to be a Toy workshop - I wonder if you can design a new toy? Who is the toy for? What does it do? How will it move?
Can you draw what you would like it to look like? You can do this in your blank workbook if you would like.
Have a look around your house to see what you could use to build your toy. You could use boxes, milk containers, egg boxes, lego...
You could decorate or colour it in if you have used junk materials.

I would like to see one piece of work from the activities that I have set today. Please send me a photograph either by email or using evidence me so that I can see how you have got on and share your super work with the rest of the class yes

Please take care of yourselves and each other. If there is anything you are finding difficult to access or have any worries about fitting things in please get in touch.
I will be available via email for any questions so please get in touch if you need support or advice or just to say hello! 

Have a great day!
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