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CLASS 1 Tuesday 7th July

RHebblewhite - 06 Jul 2020

Above is a OneDrive link to worksheets that complement this week's activities.

Tuesday 7th July

Joy Always - Quotes, Poems, Prayers, Books and Words of Wisdom ...

Good Morning everyone!
Welcome to Tuesday
's Collective Worship,

With Mrs Hebblewhite.

Our theme this week is:

 The joy of The Lord - Calvary Pentecostal Church

Yesterday we talked about the meaning of joy, and reflected about some of the things that 'bring' us joy.

  • Can you remember what 'joy' means?
  • What types of things might 'bring' someone joy?

Sometimes it is the big things that bring us joy, like receiving a Birthday present or finishing a test
or exam at school.

  • Can you think of something big that happened in your life recently that made you feel joy? (I felt joyous when I heard that my family and I could move to our new house after lockdown, as we had waited a long time!).
  • Can you think of a time when you felt joyous or happy for someone else? (The first time Ethan rode his bike without stabilisers and swam a length brought me joy!).
  • What could you do to make someone else feel a little bit of joy today? (This is a tricky one!).
It is not always big exciting events that bring us joy. If you take the time to look all around you, you will see that there are plenty of little miracles happening all around us everyday that can bring us joy.
Watch this short poem.

I would like to share with you the clips of your friends and teachers that you sent me last week, to make our very own music video. Seeing you all happy and well made me feel joy. Thank you all for sending me your videos.
 I hope this brings a little bit of joy
to your day too!

So it's not always the big things that bring us joy! 
Do you agree?

Let's finish with a prayer. 

Dear Lord,

prayer,peace, joy, love, hope, God | Prayers of encouragement ...


I hope you have enjoyed today's Collective Worship. 

Have a great day everyone! 
Missing you!
Mrs Hebblewhite x

Good Morning Class One! I hope you had
a great start to the week! 
This week we are having an:


Our theme is: 

Let's start the day by taking the time to remind ourselves how special we all are!
Don't forget to send me your Friendship Sentence! 

Yesterday, we thought a lot about what makes us all special.
Would you like to make a jigsaw all about what makes you special? 
You can download this template from Onedrive or make your own and cut it out.

Would you like to make your own 'Coat of Arms'? 
Families of Kings and Queens had their own Coats of Arms.
When knights and soldiers went to battle, their shields would have
the picture of the Coat of Arms on it,
to show you who they were fighting for and which side they were on. 

A coat of Arms usually shows pictures of the clever things that a person or a family has done. On your Coat of Arms you might draw:

  • A picture of you when you learnt to ride your bike.
  • A picture of something you like.
  • A picture of you doing some super swimming/dancing/running.
  • A picture of you scoring a goal.
  • A picture of your family.

You can download the template from our Onedrive.

We've had a busy morning! Let's take a break.

Here is a Paw Patrol Yoga video to join in with.

We have been thinking about all the things that make us special and things that we are good at. Here is a story about Gerald The Giraffe, who found out that there were things that he didn't even realise he could do! 
It's called Giraffes Can't Dance!

Talk to your grown-up or your class about some of the things that you couldn't do at the start of the year, but you can do now.
Can you think of things that we would like to learn to do in Class 2?

How To Make: ZIG ZAG BOOK FROM ENVELOPES | rebindables

Would you like to make a zigzag book all about the things you can do?
Draw a picture on each page of you doing something clever.
Even better....write a short sentence to go with it, starting 'I can....'.


Shall we go outside and do some learning?
Here is an Alphabet Exercise Activity for you to do.
It's a good way to practise your letter names!
Write down the letters in your name and find out what you 
exercise routine will look like! 
Your grown-up could shout out a letter name and do the action - 
if that letter is in your name, you can copy the exercise.


 I hope you enjoyed the Alphabet Exercise.
Let's see who's name is waiting to be picked out from my Friendship Jar!

And to finish the day, here is an episode of Tractor Ted.

Our Projects

Over the next few weeks we will be reflecting on our personal achievements this year and celebrating being able to see more of our family and friends once more. We will be looking to the future and to our new classes and Teachers.  

The project this week aims to provide opportunities for your child to learn more about Celebrations. Learning may focus and different types of celebrations that take place and who may celebrate them. It could look at how people celebrate different events differently in other parts of the world.
● Family Photographs
Look over a selection of photographs of family celebrations and discuss with your
child: what the celebration was about, who attended, what you did to celebrate, when it took place, whether it is an event that happens each year. Can your child remember the event taking place? What do they remember of it?
● Plan a family celebration-
Decide on a family celebration for the week. This could be a family picnic, meal, dance etc. Ask your child to write invitations to family members to the
Create homemade decorations using coloured paper
(If you do not have coloured paper at home, you could
use old newspaper or wrapping paper) You could make
paper chains or bunting
Plan a menu for the party and make the food together.
● Discover religious celebrations-
Watch the Let’s Celebrate video collection for Easter. Discuss the celebrations with your child. Did they celebrate Easter? Which of the events did they take part in?
Watch the Let’s Celebrate video collection for Eid-al-Fitr. Discuss the celebrations
with your child. Did they celebrate Eid-al-Fitr? How did they celebrate? Are there any similarities and differences between the celebrations they saw in the Easter videos?
Look through the range of videos available on Cbeebies and watch together. Discuss who celebrates the event and any similarities and differences with celebrations your child has taken part in.
● Birthdays 
Talk to your child about when they were born. Look at photographs of the day they were born, if you have them available. Do they know the date of their birthday? Support your child to create an all about me folding book (as pictured) with their birth
date, current age and anything else they think is important for people to know about them.

I hope you enjoy our Mindfulness Enrichment Week! Don't forget to send me your news, photos and videos for the Class Page! Have fun! Mrs Hebblewhite x

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