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Transition week - Day 3

14 Jul 2020

Thank you again for sending in your photos of the things you have been doing, it is great to find out a little bit about you since we can't all be meeting in school yet. What has been your favourite activity so far?

I am super excited today because I am going in to school – it has been 9 months since I was last in school. It feels like a REALLY long time. smiley I wonder if it will look the same? 


When I am in school I am going to take some pictures around the school. Come back later today to see the photos of another place where we all belong - our classroom! 

Take a look at the pictures of our classroom today, you can find them on the 'about class 1' page. I have also take some pictures around school - see if you can guess where they are!


Today the activities are all about our homes


You can choose to do any of these activities or all of them if you have time. I would love to hear from you so let me know which activity you enjoyed:


Home sweet home

What is your home like? I would love to see what your homes look like. This is a picture of my home 


 Harry helped me to build this model of our house, can you see the garden with some flowers?.

 Can you build a model of your home? You could use blocks, cut out shapes, play dough or boxes and cartons



Screen time

I thought today we could watch an episode from Maddie's Do you know, there are some really good episodes and songs. These are some about things I bet you have in your houses -
Television and carpets (series 2 episode 19)
a song about metal and a song about glass

i wonder how many things you can find around your house that is made from metal or glass? Make sure you don't pick anything up though, glass can break!

Get moving!

I wonder how good you are at finding things? I thought today you could go on a treasure hunt. See if you can find something in your home or garden that fits these different clues. 



Treasure map     

Now you have explored your house for inventions, why don’t you create a treasure map of your house. This is my treasure map, but you might have a different way of drawing it, can you see where I have hidden the treasure?

Can you draw the rooms in your house draw an ‘X’ to show where the treasure is hidden? Can your family find the hidden treasure? 


Sounds all around

How many different sounds can you hear in your house? If I sit really quietly I can hear these noises:

Cars on the road outside

My little boy playing and my little girl babbling (she doesn’t talk yet)

The kettle boiling – I love having a cup of tea

A radio with music playing

The computer making a humming noise when I am doing my homework

Maybe you could go on a sound walk around your house and see what sounds you can collect. You could make a photograph journey or a sound video. 

Here is a video with some of my sound journey (my little girl does really like her bouncer, although it doesn’t sound like it that is her happy noise!)


Where is your favourite place in your house? I think mine would be my bedroom – I like my sleep!

Can you build your own cosy den? It could be for a favourite toy or big enough for you to hide in! You could ask your grown ups or older brothers or sisters to help. What will you use? Cushions, bed sheets, boxes, table… have a look at my den, I think I might hide in here and see if my family can find me!


Have a super day smiley

Miss Wray


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