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Reading Books and Morning Jobs
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Harlow Carr Gardens
R Hebblewhite
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World Book Week
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What a Busy Week!
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Trip to Harlow Carr Gardens - Thursday 12th March
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Milk for children when they reach age 5
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Comment t'appelles-tu?!
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Five Little Monkeys!
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The Tiny Seed!
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Happy New Year!
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Aladdin Trouble- Christmas Production 2019
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Multi-cultural week- Week 12
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Week 6- Trip to the caves- Fossils and bones
09 Oct 2019
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Week 6- Trip to the caves- Fossils and bones

09 Oct 2019

This week we have been learning about fossils and what it would be like to be a Palaeontologist. We now know that you have to be very careful and work slowly when you are finding fossils.

We watched a video about a man called Andy who found some fossils under the sea. To understand how careful you have to be when uncovering fossils each of us got a choc chip cookie We had to use a cocktail stick to pick out the choc-chips, without breaking the biscuit. At the end we could eat our biscuit, but only if we hadn't broken it.



 After practising on our chocolate chips we then worked as a class to carefully scratch away at the rock from our dinosaur kit. The rock was hard to scratch and it took us a few days, inside the rock was a Spinosaurus!

  In the sand tray there were lots of different dinosaur fossils for us to uncover and look at. We had paintbrushes, tweezers and magnifying glasses. Once we had carefully got the fossils out we looked closely at them and tried to work out what type of dinosaurs they came from.

On Wednesday we went on a trip to Stump Cross Caverns with Class 2. Lots of us were very excited, a few were a bit nervous we all got measured for our hard hats and by then we were all raring to go.

We carefully climbed down the steep stairs into the cave. 

Inside the caves there were lots of things to look out for; fairy doors, bats (pretend ones), dinosaur aggs, fossils and different rock formations.

We really enjoyed our first school trip!! 

In the classroom this week we have taken a break from learning a new sound each day to focus on our blending skills, which will help us to get ready to bring home books with words. In maths we have carried on learning about 2D shapes, this week we have played lots of games with shapes and are using them to make patterns.
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