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Friday 8th January

07 Jan 2021

Good morning Class 1!      

Its the end of the first week back at school - and what a strange week it has been. It was lovely to see you all and hear all about your toys yesterday, thank you for sharing! I hope you had a good day and enjoyed the activities I had set and thank you to those of you who sent me your super work. I would like to see at least one piece of work that you complete each day so that we can make a virtual 'work to be proud of' wall 

 The plan for today is this:

I will be calling you again on TEAMs at 9.30am. Make sure that you are logged in and ready. Today I would like to talk about New Year. I like to see the fireworks which bring in the New Year and this year they had drones as well which looked very impressive. If you haven't seen them already here is the video below to watch them. 


Please work through the PowerPoint for our phonic session today.
  -Friday phonics.pptx-  

Listen to the story of The old toy room.

Talk with someone in your family about the toys in the story. How they are similar/ different to other toys. Which toys do you have and play with? Are there some toys that you don’t recognise?
Choose one of the toys from the story and stick it into your writing book - you can find some pictures of old and new toys on TEAMs in the 'files' folder or you could just draw a picture yourself.
I would like you to add labels to the picture. Think about what each word begins with. Can you hear any other sounds in each word? See if you can record all of the sounds you can hear in each word.


We are going to be working on session 2 today of our theme Alive in 5!

Today we are counting objects and comparing groups to 5. 

Please complete the following activity to show your understanding.


If you would like a challenge, try this game to practise comparing groups


  -Set 2.pdf-  

  -Set 4.pdf-  

Or this activity:

Create three columns on a whiteboard or floor. Label the first column ‘fewer’, the middle column ‘our number’ and the final column ‘more’. Choose a number between two and four as your focus number.
• Represent the chosen number, for example three, in the middle in a variety of ways. This could be using building bricks or toys
• Then count and create groups which have fewer and more objects and place the groups in the correct column. You could also make a number line to circle the number that is one more and one fewer than the given number.

Understanding the World

This afternoon I would like you to quiz your grown ups. Can you find out from your parents/ grandparents about the toys they played with when they were little. Do they have a picture of the toy? Can you find out 3 facts about the toy?
Using the pictures from the file on TEAMs, can you sort the toys into new and old? Tell a grown up something that you notice about the toys.

Again, I would like to see one piece of work from the activities that I have set today. Please send me a photograph either by email or using evidence me so that I can see how you have got on and share your super work with the rest of the class yes

After a very strange week I thought we could finish with some yoga to help relax. Here is 'Safeguard, the handwashing soap' which I thought was quite appropriate!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, rest, enjoy some fresh air, take care and I will call you again on Monday smiley

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