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Autumn 2 - Week 3

16 Nov 2020

 Diwali and Gingerbread

We started the week finding out about the Hindu festival of Diwali and joined in with some of their traditions. We all made Diya lamps out of clay and decorated Rangoli patterns. To celebrate Diwali there is a feast so we tried some tasty pakoras, samosas and bhajis. Some of us had never tried these before but it was quite exciting to try something new!



On Wednesday, we found some instructions hidden around our classroom. First we found number 5 and knew there must be numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 hidden somewhere too. We are very good at treasure hunting and found the rest of the instructions quickly. When we put them in order, we found out that they were instructions for making gingerbread. In our role play house we found some ingredients too so we decided to use them to make gingerbread people smiley


We helped to weigh the ingredients and mix them together before rolling it out to cut into shapes. 


They had to cook in the oven then cool down before we could decorate them. Some of the gingerbread people tried to run away and got a bit broken but they made good tasting bits! 
We used the icing pens to decorate our gingerbread people and they looked very tasty. We all thought we had done a very good job of making gingerbread people! yes 

In phonics this week we have met the new graphemes:

qu    sh     ch      th

We have been looking for these graphemes in words, sometimes they are at the start but sometimes they appear in the middle or at the end of words. We listened to stories to see if we could hear the sounds too.
This weekend see if you can play a phonics game. Some of you have an activity in your book bags or you can use Phonics play activities to practice your skills. 
Click on the resources tab at the top of the home page then go to:
Phase 1 - listening and matching sounds
Phase 2 - The sounds we met last half term to revisit recognising the graphemes and blending into words
Phase 3 - The new sounds we are working on now to practice
Your grown ups at home can let me know how you get on by writing in your reading record. 

Have a super weekend, see you on Monday! 


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