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CLASS 1 Monday 20th April

RHebblewhite - 19 Apr 2020

Monday 20th April


Good Morning Class One! I hope you all had lots of fun over the Easter break! Will you send me a postcard or a picture of all the fun things that you have been doing, to put on our webpage? Croccy and I have been having fun with my family too. Can you help Mummy and Daddy to read my postcard?

Maybe you could make a video postcard too? I made mine using Powerpoint, but you could shoot  quick film of yourself and tell your friends about all the fun things you have been doing!

Here are some more jobs for today:


  • Can you read today's 'silly sentence'?




  • Remember to keep working hard on your sounds and letter formation. Maybe today you could practise writing your lovely letters? Practise those trickier ones in your writing books.
  • Don't forget to keep practising your reading every day. Perhaps you could send me a short clip of you reading to your grown-up?

​Helpful Hands! 


Over Easter Ethan has been helping me with lots of jobs around the house. Do you think you could use your 'helpful hands' to help your Mummy and Daddy everyday at home? Perhaps today your jobs could be to:


  • Make your bed or put clean sheets on your bed.
  • Go through your sock drawer and make sure that all of your socks are in pairs!

Maths (Making patterns)

  • Once you have helped to sort all of your socks into pairs, can you make some repeating patterns, like mine? Can you see how my sock pattern would carry on, if I had more socks? Send me your photos and we will ask your friends if they can carry on the patterns! I wonder what else you could make patterns with?
         Image preview
         Image preview



Here are some projects for this week!:

The project this week aims to provide opportunities for your child to learn more about different viewpoints. Learning may focus on physical viewpoints in terms of what you can see outside of the window at home, what others can see looking into your home and then progress onto personal viewpoints and of others.
  • What can you see out of your window?-
Ask your child to look out of a window in the house and draw what they can see. Look out of a different window (e.g. back or side of the house), draw what they can see. Look at the two pictures together and discuss what is the same in both pictures (e.g. the sky) and what is different.
  • Record how many cars/ people walk past your house-
Set a timer for 5 minutes on your phone or tablet. Draw out a simple grid (as below) and ask your child to put a tick in the right place every time a person or car goes past. When complete, can they count up the ticks and write the matching numeral? Were there more people or cars? 
  • How do we differ from others?-
Ask your child to look in a mirror at their hair colour, eye colour, skin colour. Ask them to create a self-portrait using either felt-tips, crayons or paint. Look at some pictures in books and magazines. Does everyone look the same way as them? How do people look different?
  • Imagine another world outside the window-
Close the curtains and ask your child to imagine that the house is in a new imagined world. What do they imagine? Is it snowy? Are there dinosaurs/ monsters in the new world? Ask them to tell you a story about it…
Your child could create a story map to show what happens in their imaginary world (see right).
  • Go on a sight hunt-
Support your child to make a viewfinder. Cut out a square of card from an old cereal box/ cardboard. Cut a smaller square out of the centre. Take your viewfinder around the house and garden and explore what things you can see. Alternatively, you could create a pair of binoculars as pictured.
Your child could write a list of the things they see or draw/ paint a picture.
If you have a tablet or phone that could be used by your child they could do the same activity but using photographs to record.

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