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CLASS 1 Tuesday 12th May

RHebblewhite - 11 May 2020

Tuesday 12th May


Good Morning Class One!
I have enjoyed hearing all your weekend news! I look forward to seeing more wonderful work today!
Mrs Hebblewhite x

Just in case you missed this yesterday, here's the Wonderful Work
that you sent me last week!

Look! I have found another fun dance for us to join in with!

 Helpful Hands! 

   Well done for helping your grown-up yesterday.
Look at these helpful hands - Great sandwich making!


The project this week is all about learning to stay healthy. Your job today is to:

Make up an exercise routine!
Cartoon Kids Exercise Clipart


       Look who has spotted some 'er' words? Can you spot them? Can you find some around your house? (f/l/o/w/er) (t/i/g/er)

 Cay you
 find the 'er' digraph in these words? Read these 'er' words and match them with the pictures below.

River        number       mixer 

tower     shower     shiver     flower.

Can you write a silly sentence, including an 'er' word?

Image result for food mixer cartoon  Image result for shiver cartoonImage result for river cartoonImage result for tower cartoonImage result for shower cartoonImage result for flower cartoonImage result for number cartoon

     (m/i/x/er)          (sh/i/v/er)           (r/i/v/er)            (t/ow/er)           (sh/ow/er)              (f/l/ow/er)              (n/u/m/b/er)                                                                                                                                      

Have another go at our Letter Names powerpoint.  Can you join in and say the letter names? 


 Magnificent Maths work! Well done Max, George and Isaac!



  Look at this fabulous counting!

Perhaps today you could 
practise your number bonds to 5 or 10?
 Play Kim's Game Set 5-10 toys out. Close your eyes while your grown-up hides some. Use your fingers to work out how many toys are hiding.
Can you tell your grown-up the number sentence each time,
using your Maths language?

Kim's Game | Real Play Coalition

Would you like to play the Numberblocks add and subtract game?

Numberblocks - Number Magic - Adding and Subtracting



Here are some projects for this week:

The project this week aims to provide opportunities for your child to learn more food. Learning may focus on where different foods originate from, what makes a healthy meal, opportunities to cook etc.

Healthy/ Unhealthy
Provide your child with a selection of items from your kitchen cupboards. Can they sort them into things that are healthy and unhealthy? Discuss why the food is good for you or bad for you. 
Discuss how exercise is an important part of staying healthy. Watch and complete a 10 minute shake up.
5 a day
Support your child to create a food diary to record how many pieces of fruit and vegetables they eat in a day. They could write these using their phonics knowledge or draw a picture of each item.
Create a collage
Ask your child to draw out a number of fruits or vegetables, large enough to fill a piece of A4 paper. Provide them with a selection of colourful packaging. Can they cut out and collage on to their picture to
Play shops
Using toy food or old packaging, set up a food shop for your child to act out being the shopkeeper and customer. You could introduce coins to support their developing knowledge of money. Give them a notepad to use as a shopping list to encourage in the moment writing.
Potato/ Vegetable Printing
Using a selection of vegetables available in your kitchen, support your child to print and explore the shapes and patterns created:
Make cornflour gloop
Mix cornflour with a small amount of water in a mixing bowl. It will make a slimy, stretchy mixture. Allow your child to explore the change of texture from wet to dry and the texture of the gloop. 

Have a lovely day today and remember to look after one another.
From Mrs Hebblewhite, Croccy, Fred and Boris! xxx

 Worksheets and written activities to consolidate last week's tasks

Maths Worksheets:



Our Friends


Make A Circle

Saying "hello"

Days Of The Week Song

Start At The Top Song

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