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Big Ideas and Big Forces

10 Jun 2021

Welcome back! 

The Boy Who Grew Dragons (The Boy Who Grew Dragons 1) By Andy Shepherd

It has been a really wonderful week to welcome everyone back to school. The children are all really energised and ready to learn again! We have seen some fantastic learning behaviours already this week. The children have been earning lots of dojos by displaying our four key learning behaviours - respect, effort, repsonsibility and aspiration. 

As it is a new half term, we have started several new learning topics focusing on Science and DT . We have also dived into a new class novel called The Boy Who Grew Dragons. It has started off very funnily and we have already have at least 100 questions about why, how, where and when the boy is growing dragons!  


Science: Forces

We began exploring our new science topic of forces this week. We thought about how they are created and learned that all forces are either a push or a pull. We then took our learning outside (it was too nice not to!) and explored what pushing and pulling forces we would use on the play equipment.  The children were also keen to have a tug of war, but the risk assessment said no! 





 Big Questions! 

This half term in  RE we are thinking about the big question:

How do we know what is right and wrong? How do people's faiths help them to understand?

We began thinking about this big question by considering why we have rules and thought about howthey help us to live our lives fairly and safely. Our learning then moved on to think about the Golden Rule of several religions. But before we heard about them the children tried to guess what they might be; below is a picture of some of their ideas. I thought they were really mature and thoughtful ideas for Class three pupils!


We then thought about the 'Pay it Forward' movement in America and considered how we might live our lives in a similar way. We made some pledges about how we could make others around us happy. (So hopefully some of you adults will be enjoying some extra help or treats this weekend!) 

Reading Achievements 

Congratulations to everyone in the class for their amazing attitude towards reading. Everybody is trying hard to become a better reader and the pride we see in class when pupils achieve 100 or move up in the ZPD just makes our day! Further congratulations also to those who managed to smash their AR targets last term! We awarded certificates this time as we were all together in school 😊

Slide Show 


Slide Show 

That's all for this week. Well done for another fantastic week of learning Class Three! Take care in this wonderful sunshine and remember those random acts of kindness! 



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