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Class 3- Week 7

22 Oct 2020

Well done Class Three you have made it to half term, you should all be proud of how you settled back in to school after lockdown and how hard you have worked this half term.


This week we have been focusing on instruction writing.

We wrote instructions on how to make hot chocolate and then we followed our instructions to make hot chocolate. It was yummy!! Max D

This week we learnt how to make hot chocolate and we highlighted the good and bad bits of different instructions- Sam B

In our instructions we had to use commands and number each step. - Oliver

We read a new book called ‘How to wash a woolly mammoth’ The woolly mammoth climbed a tree and got really mucky when he fell out so he needed a bath. – Izzy.

Today we wrote instructions about how to wash a woolly mammoth. You would definitely need a ladder to wash behind its ears. - Edward
Our class book has been twits.

In the book the twits were very ugly and not clever. They did horrible pranks on each other. At the end of story the animals got their revenge and stuck their house upside down and then the twits got stuck upside down too. – Nicholas.


We continued looking at the stone age, we looked at the Cheddar Man.
The children researched on their own computers and discovered;

The skeleton was found in 1903. He was found in Gough’s cave in Cheddar Gorge, Somerset. He ate seeds, nuts and fresh water fish. He was 10,000 years old. Cheddar Man was originally from Africa and was part of a tribe. He may have died after being attacked by animal or person, he was only in his 20s when he died. He had dark skin, blue eyes and long dark curly hair, which is an unusual combination.
We have been working very hard on developing our cursive, joined up, handwriting. So far we have learned how to form curly caterpillar letters - those which form using a curved line first, like a,c or d. and also ladder letters - those which form using a straight line first, like i, l, and j. The children have worked hard every session and this hard work is showing in the amazing progress they have made.  We are very proud teachers, again! 



The Trinity
We concluded our learning about the Christian Trinity this week and the children each reflected on their learning in their own creative way. Some children drew pictures, others wrote beautiful poems.  This unit has been full of big questions about our own and Christian beliefs and we concluded with two final reflections: "What questions might Christians have about God?" and "What questions do we have about God." I think you will agree, these are really big questions! 

This week we celebrated Billy's birthday. Happy Birthday! We hope you had a great day. On Friday we sadly said goodbye to Erica and Fraya, we wish you all the best in your new school, we will miss you both!!

Have a lovely half term!

Mrs Lewis and Miss Rogers
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