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Friday 15th January

07 Jan 2021

Good morning Class 3, I hope you all enjoyed the snow yesterday! Who still has snow today? Don't forget to send me your snowy pictures.

Today looks like this:

English Looking at the past and present tense (please send me your English work from today)

 - Multiplication/Division & TT practice

Collective Worship
- Look on the enrichment page of the school website for today's Collective Worship It is under News and Events. Each day there is a Collective Worship on here for you.


Weekly Quiz-
This is on teams. Login and press the assignment  tab.

A selection of activties to help us stay positive and look after our mental health

If you didn't get chance yesterday please do the DT activity from yesteday's webpage

Teams Call
 - 2pm 

Before we get started with our work today I have some news for you. Today is Lauren's last day with us and we are all going to really miss her, but we want to wish her and her family all the best for their new adventure. I know she will settle into her new school really well and will quickly make friends. Make sure you stay in touch Lauren and let us know how you are getting on!

We are carrying on with our ongoing unit, here is today's link

Any issues the link is on Teams too, 

The aim of today's lesson is- 

To practise and apply knowledge of suffixes: Past and present tense, including a test

In this lesson, we will practise the rules associated with adding the suffix -ed. We will learn how to practise using the small to large strategy and will test the words previously set to learn.

Year 3
Today Year 3 you are working on; The Three Times Table

Note for Parents

Video link-

Aut3.11.3 - The 3 times-table from White Rose Maths on Vimeo.



Extension task - 
  -Year 3 challenge fri.docx-  

Year 4

Today Year 4 you are working on; A recap of multiplying and dividing by 3

Note for Parents

Video link- 

Aut4.11.2 - Multiply and divide by 3 from White Rose Maths on Vimeo.

  -multiply and divide by 3.pdf-  

​Extension task - 
  -Year 4 challenge fri.docx-  

Even though we are at home we are going to carry on learning our spellings. I will give you a new list on a Friday and then you practise them throughout the week. I am just working out which way well work best but we will have a spelling test on Friday that I will do with you. So make sure you practise.

  -year 3 moons-V316700297.docx-  your rule this week is about adding 'ly' to words that already end in 'l'

-year 3 stars-V316700297.docx-   your rule is the /k l/ sound at the end of a word can spelled cle, especially if the word has more than two syllables.

-year 4 moons-V316700297.docx-   your rule is when adding ous to a word ending in 'our' the 'our' becomes 'or'.

 -year 4 stars-V316700297.docx- your rule is looking at words that end with 'cle'

On teams, when you login for our daily call, you should be able to see when you click on the assignment tab at the top I have set you a quiz. Now you might have to bear with me this is my first attempt at this so it may not run smoothly but we will see. Hopefully you should have some questions about this week's learning and some just general knowledge, have  a go at answering the questions and see what score you get.

Just one thing, you must spell the answers correctly otherwise it marks them wrong :(

As I have said to you before it is so important to look after our mental health as well as our physical health, especially during Lockdown. So on a Friday afternoon we will have time to do some mindfullness activities and do the things we enjoy.

It can also be a time to show our family we appreciate them, home schooling might not be easy on us or own grown ups. But they are working really hard too not just doing all the things they normally do but helping you too. Make sure you are kind to them and say thank you, could you do something nice for them??

Grown ups- Me and Mrs Lewis want to say thank you for supporting your children to complete the work we are setting, we both understand how tricky working from home and looking after children is and fully appreciate there might be times when you don't get everything done and that's ok. Please don't let it cause lots of stress for you at home, do what you are able to do and look after yourselves too.

So this afternoon why not have a go at one of these activities

- If you still have snow go and enjoy the snow.

- Cosmic Yoga

- Mindfullness colouring -   -mindfulness-quotes-colouring-sheets.pdf-  

- Do some baking
- Go for a family walk

Any problems just email 

See you again at 2pm for our teams call. Don't forget to send me your English work.

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