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Collective worship Wednesday 1st July

30 Jun 2020

Good morning everyone, I hope you have all had a good week so far.

This week we have been looking at the theme of love and what it can mean to different people. 

What do you think love is and what does it mean to you? Could you tell someone else who is with you what you think? This is a very tricky question and don't worry if you're not sure yet, hopefully by the end you will have a few more ideas.

For today's collective worship we have a video to watch from the Church Of England which talks about some of the things that I love - chocolate and robots!  It also shows us how love can connect us all and how it is something that brings everyone together.

Click on the heart below to play the video.

I wonder if now you can say what you think love is and what it means to you? Maybe you agree with what some of the children in the video said, or maybe you have your own ideas.

In the video they talk about how you can show love and respect for other people by doing kind things. 
What could you do to help others? Are there things that you do for other people already? What things do other people do for you?

Below I have put some ideas for things you could do to show someone in your family that you love them by doing something kind. You could chat to a grown-up and see if you could complete some of these. Some you might not be able to do but others you might.



I hope you have enjoyed today's collective worship and we will finish with a prayer. 


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