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Monday 11th May

10 May 2020


 Morning Class Three.

How are you all? I am really missing you all rather a lot now, so please do keep in touch with what you are getting up to, both school activities and home! Did you have a lovely time celebrating VE day? I enjoyed watching some great footage from 75 years ago and hearing about how my Grandmother and Grandfather were in the Land Army and the home guard. I even have their ration books and my Grans medal. It is really special.

I am really excited by this week's Learning Project as it is one of my favorite topics: Food. We will make sure we have plenty of practical activities this week - I wish I could be a taste tester! 



Just two more weeks left to achieve this half terms reading target so I would like you to prioritize your reading this week. That means, if you can, do your 30 minutes reading and quizzing before doing anything else, to make sure it isn't forgotten. Remember we are also aiming for those quiz scores to be over 85% to show you are reading and understanding. 

Well done to Chloe H, Eliza S, Katie W, Abbey B, Max D, Matilda J, Max J, Harriet S, and William for already smashing their targets! There are so many more of you who are really close too. Who will be next? 


Today try and get active as much as you can, avoiding the grey skies.  Maybe have a dance today. Take a look at our fabulous dance classes in the news section of the website. 


So first things first have a test today on your last group of chosen common exception words that you practiced last week, and please remember to send me your scores. Then have a look at your purple mash email as I have emailed each of you details of your new spelling lists. Please copy your spellings onto your normal 'look, cover, write, check sheet.' (I have uploaded one here to print or copy into your workbook).


First, enjoy watching this video of Michael Rosen performing his narrative poem Chocolate Cake. Then have a search for a poem all about your favourite food and copy it in your best JOINED handwriting. Please, please, please do make sure you join up your letters! I know that you all can, so please do, that's why I am asking you to have a practice. It is really important to keep joining up your letters or you might get into bad habits.

Your letter joins are here for you to look at. 


Well after the successful shape challenges last week I am looking forward to seeing you have a go at this week's work. 

Then head over to MyMaths for your maths session today. As normal, please have a go at the lesson first then complete the homework activity. We are still looking at angles still and Year 4 you are thinking more about triangles! 

If you have time have a go at your 5 sessions on TT. 

Learning Project: Food 

 The project this week aims to provide opportunities for you to learn more food. Learning may focus on where different foods originate from, what makes a healthy meal, opportunities to cook etc. As usual use this as an opportunity to research and work on ideas and issues that interest you. Use the ideas below as a starting point but follow your own thoughts and learning. 


Let’s Wonder: 

What is a balanced diet? Find out about the 5 food groups. Make slides or posters about what you find out about. ​What are - Carbohydrates,​ ​Protein​,  ​Dairy​, ​Fruits and ​Vegetables​, and ​Fats​. Where does your food come from? Which foods come from the UK? ​What is fairtrade? 

 Let’s Create:  

Make repeated pattern prints for decorative purposes using various natural materials, e.g potato printing.
Perhaps create some still life observational sketches of fruit. Look at the artwork of ​Giuseppe Arcimboldo -maybe recreate some of his paintings with fruit. 


Time to Talk:  

 As a family, design a healthy meal plan for the week. Discuss your favorite foods and why you all enjoy them? Talk about healthy and unhealthy foods and explain the importance of eating a balanced diet. Talk to older members of your family and ask them about food - have the types of food available changed? Do they eat differently now? What are their favorite foods? 

Understanding Others and Appreciating Differences: 

Lunch around the world.​ Look at lunch around the world and investigate how differently people eat in other parts of the world. Find out what a vegetarian is? Vegan? Kosher food? Halal food? 


Reflect on food use and food wastage around the world. Find out about countries which experience famine - why does this happen? Reflect on how you can reduce food waste in your house? Learn about food banks in our area - why are these needed? Who supports food banks? Can you help at all? 

Have a lovely day! I look forward to seeing how you get on. 
Take care and be kind. Remember this is a tough time for everyone, even adults! 

Miss you.
Mrs Lewis x
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