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Thursday 21st January

14 Jan 2021

Good morning Class 3!!

I hope you are all okay.

 Today looks like this:

English BFG - Looking at the second part of the opening
 - Multiplication & TT practice
Computing- Making a poster

- Revising numbers up to 20- Please can you send me this work today.
Teams Call
 - 2pm- You will need a piece of paper, pen/pencil, a book/placemat to lean on and your maths work, we will mark this on the call.

Collective Worship- Click on the enrichment page of the website for today's Collective Worship

As ever we would also like you to read for at least 30 minutes and complete your AR quiz and have some physical exercise today – remember extra ideas and information about these are on the home learning tab.

Here are today's activities


Well done to everyone who sent me their work yesterday I was really impressed with your writing, keep up the hard work today!

In this lesson, we will watch and order the second part of the opening. We will also look at ways to show not tell. Following shared writing, we will write the second part of the opening. For this lesson, you will need an exercise book or paper and a pencil. Happy writing! Here is today's link


Don't forget about doing your 5 sessions on TTRockstars today! Dojos were given to Tom, Abbey, Matilda, Hannah, Eliza, Harriet, William, Aiden, Sam C, Sam B, Billy, Jess, Izzy, Oliver, Archie, Edward, Nicholas, Tora and Lily D
 for completing at least 5 sessions on TTRockstars yesterday. Extra well done to Abbey for doing 10 sessions.

Remember if you cant print off the sheet for today's lesson don’t worry, just make sure you write the question number and sum in your book.

You can mark your own work when you have finished it by looking on Teams, on the files tab for today's answer sheet.

Year 3
Today Year 3 you are working on; Dividing by 4

Note for Parents

Video link

Aut3.11.5 - Divide by 4 from White Rose Maths on Vimeo.

Worksheet -   -Y3-Autumn-Block-3-WO6-Divide-by-4-2019.pdf-  

Extension task - 
  -Year 3 challenge TH.docx-  

Year 4 
Today Year 4 you are working on; The 9 times table and division facts

Note for Parents

Like yesterday there is no video link today, but here is the PPT- 

Worksheet -   -Y4-Autumn-Block-4-WO10-9-times-table-and-division-facts-2019.pdf-  

Extension task -   -Year 4 challenges TH.docx-  

In computing today you are going to make a poster. You can make it using any program you want, I would suggest Word or Powerpoint, but if you have one you would prefer to use that's fine. I know we have been on the computer a lot this week, but DT next week isn't computer work and tomorrow afternoon doesn't need to be done on the computer either.

View this PPT   -Making a Poster.ppt-  

Then draw a plan for your poster.   -Planning your poster.docx-  

Next step is to have a go at creating your own poster.

Then evaluate and annotate your work.


Here's a 'Bonjour' song -

C'est Madame Hebblewhite!

 I will be posting videos/activities and worksheets
for you to have a go at in French.
We will be practising the words and phrases that you learnt with Miss Rogers in Autumn term.

 This week, we will look at numbers. On y va! (let's go!).
Can you remember your numbers to 20? How far can you count?
You can practise by joining in with the video-slideshow below- you don't need to sign in, just click on the play triangle.

Here's a number song too-
Now that you have had a practise, there are 4 activities that you could do, to practise reading and writing your numbers. Click on the links below. You don't have to do all of them you can pick which ones you want to do.

1) 1-10- Memory Game/ Match up the numbers- 
  -Class 3-French-Numbers-0-20-Matching-Words-and-Digits-Activity-Sheet.pdf-  
2) 1-10 Wordsearch -Class Three-french-number-word-search-0-10_ver_3.pdf-  
  3) Colour by numbers (bigger numbers) -Class 3 - French-patchwork-elephant-colour-by-numbers-to-30-french-activity-_ver_1.pdf-  

If you are a whizz on the computer, you might like to make your own French numbers to 10 powerpoint. You can record your voice like me. Make your slideshow first, then click on 'slideshow', then 'record slideshow' and you can then mute your video at the bottom. Or ask your grown up to video you counting in French and send it to me.

Bon-weekend! A la semaine prochaine!
Madame Hebblewhite (et Ludo!!) xx 
Please send me your french work today.

Yesterday was Max Jeffery's birthday, Happy Birthday sorry for missing it yesterday Max. I hope you had a lovely day!!

Any problems just email

See you at 2pm for our teams call. Don't forget to send me your French work.

Miss Rogers
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