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Class 3 - Friday 22nd May

20 May 2020



Good morning Class Three. Fantastic rafts yesterday- there were some very happy toys. Well, it is the last day of this half term. I don't know what you think, but I feel like it has gone very fast. We need to wish Seth, Tom and Chloe a Happy Birthday for during the holidays! I hope you will still manage to have a spectacular time despite all of us still needing to be careful and distance from one and other. 


Okay, reading superstars, last day... Huge congratulations to Jake and Hannah who have managed to reach their targets in the past couple of days! I am so very proud of how hard you have all worked on your reading. So many of you have achieved your targets this time! 

Please continue to read for 30 minutes from your current AR home reading book today and quiz if needed. (Remember to keep those quiz scores at 85% or higher.) Try and keep up with a bit of reading during the holidays. 

 If you are beginning to get short on AR reading books then don't dismay. Click here to find our guide which signposts where to go to find free, books and texts on AR. You can also find this information in the Enrichment section of the website!


Bit of a change today - Please do your spelling test on the words you have been learning this week... It is a long time to try and remember them over the holidays so we will get it out the way today! Remember to send me your scores too. 

So have a last quick practice then ask an adult to use the sheet below to test you! (Remember if you don't do the extra words at school, you don't have to do them at home.)

  -Spelling test Friday 22nd July.docx-  


Today I have set a rematch: Girls Vs Boys. Currently, in class 3, boy vs girls matches, the girls are ahead by just 1 match. So boys you need to work hard today to bring the score equal. As this is your only maths task today, I would like you to spend at least 20 minutes helping your team out. 
The tournament begins at 9 am and will finish at 3 pm. I will post the results here after it has ended... Who will be victorious?

Congratulations to the boys who won with a clear advantage! Super work today - nearly everyone was able to help their teams! 


Reflective writing

I would like you to reflect on this time you have had learning at home. Write a diary entry in your homeschool book reflecting on what it has been like to do your learning at home. Maybe you could write about:

What have you liked about working from home? 

What are you surprised about? Have you found being away from school different from what you thought?

What do you find more difficult learning at home? 

What would you like to do more of at home or at school when you get back? 

What do you miss about school? 

What have you been doing more of at home that you don't normally do? (Baking, gardening etc)


Healthy Body & Healthy Mind

Colouring in used to be something we associated with young children but nowadays many adults and older children have begun colouring as it is the perfect mindful activity ... Try these under the sea colouring sheets. Easier  or Harder 

As we know it is essential to keep active and get the blood pumping too! How about a walk and a scavenger hunt. There is a lovely idea here for a gratitude hunt which might be something you would enjoy with your families this holiday. 




Learning Project:  Under the Sea.

Your learning project this week focuses on life in and around the seas and oceans. Your learning can focus on the strange and wonderful creatures and plants that call the ocean their home. You may also want to think about how humans affect this delicate environment and how you can be part of the solutions. 

As usual, use the ideas below as a starting point but follow your own interests and creative ideas for how you explore this learning.

● Exploring the Blue Abyss​ 
Can you remember the oceans of the world? Find out about the five different layers of the ocean (Sunlight Zone, Twilight Zone, Midnight Zone, Lower Midnight Zone or Abyss and the Trenches). ​Sea creatures​ adapt incredibly to live in specific layers where the conditions, such as the temperature and light levels, can change. Explore the creatures that are found in each layer of the ocean and create a fact file for each ocean layer with a labeled diagram.

● Submarine Sculptures​ 
Take a look at pictures of real submarines for inspiration and create your own model submarines from different materials found at home e.g. plastic bottles, paint, coloured pencils, string, paper mache, sweet wrappers, tin foil and cardboard. When collecting materials, think about the suitability of each material. Alternatively or in addition, you could design and create a boat to carry a load on the ocean using junk modeling.  
 ● Time to Talk:  Preventing Pollution​ 
Talk to different family members about what they know about plastic waste (e.g. plastic bags, six-pack rings and microbeads) that ends up in the ocean. You could do this by creating a questionnaire and carrying out interviews (perhaps over Facetime with adult supervision?). Discuss how you could help reduce ocean pollution and work together to create a persuasive poster or video to reduce plastic waste​.

 ● Understanding Others and Appreciating Differences: 
Reef Research​ - The Great Barrier Reef is the only living thing that is visible from space! Encourage your child to take a virtual tour of the reef using ​AirPano and create a poster or video to promote the Great Barrier Reef. Remember to use scientific language relating to the habitats and species groups found in the reef. Can you identify the main threats to The Great Barrier Reef and include these too?

Have a wonderful half term! You deserve a break after all your amazing efforts this half term. I have been impressed by how motivated and resourceful you all are being in these tricky times! It is very strange being a teacher with no pupils and no classroom in front of me, so I can imagine it must have been very strange for you too. Missing you all heaps but your lovely work and messages are keeping me smiling! 

Remember be kind to yourself and to others and don't forget the suncream. 

Mrs. Lewis xx
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