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Class 3 Thursday 2nd July

01 Jul 2020

Good morning again everyone.


Thanks for all of your maps yesterday, you went to some amazing places! Some people even thought of staining their maps with tea to make them look old (I wonder if that's why I look so old because I keep spilling tea on myself?).

I've put some of the maps below and on Friday I'll created a gallery of everything we have done so that I can share even more of your amazing work. I know that sometimes it is hard to finish everything on the day it is set so if you want to send me anything you have done over the last few days I'll put it up on Friday. Sometimes people want to show me what they have done but are a bit shy about putting it on the website. If you don't want anything to go up just let me know. 

Slide Show 

 Today we are going to have a different book for our story time. 

Click on the cover below to hear about one of of the "World's Worst Children"...

Collective Worship

Today's collective worship is by Miss Vetch and I bet you would all love to see it.

Click on the link below to hear her. heart


Today we're going to do the next lesson on fractions. Don't forget to watch the lesson first and then do the activity afterwards.  Once again we are getting some cracking scores so well done!


Yesterday we finished George's Marvellous Medicine and saw what happened to Grandma in the end. Today I would you to create your own magic medicine (on paper though, please don't make a medicine that makes chickens breathe fire like George did, it could get messy!).

You will need to think of what your medicine will do, and then think of some ingredients to put in. If you are going to make a flying potion you could use feathers from an eagle,  or for a potion to make you a super fast runner you could use some hairs from a cheetah's back.

For bonus points you might want to think about how much of each one you need, such as 100g of cheetah's hair, or 7 large eagle's feathers.

You will also need some equipment to help you like a large metal  bowl, or a long handled spoon to mix (did you notice I snuck a few adjectives in there to describe my equipment too - those expanded noun phrases get everywhere don't they?).

What your potion does is up to you, and what you include is up to you too. I'm sure we've got a few Harry Potter fans who could use those books for ideas too. I can't wait to see the results again, just remember not to make one that turns your teacher in to a frog by mistake because I'm sure you wouldn't want to do that would you?!

By the way, I've been trying to buy an invisibilty potion for weeks but they're impossible to find!

Ps - don't forget to let me know what your potion does, I don't want to take the wrong one by mistake!




Reading task:

Don't forget that reading is really important and it is a great way to go on a journey when you have to stay at home. At the moment in my book I'm on a tropical island trying to stop an evil genius from taking over the world (it's fun but very tricky getting a wi-fi signal to do the website everyday).



Learning Project - to be done throughout the week

 The project this week aims to provide opportunities for your child to learn more about transport. Learning may focus on modes of transport, transport in the past, the science behind transport, road safety and how to be safe around water. 

 ● Transport Inventors​ - Ask your child to find out about famous transport inventors such as ​Henry Ford​ and ​The Wright Brothers​. Create fact files about these inventors. Can your child draw sketches of different modes of transport ​then​ and ​now​. Can they place different modes of transport on a timeline using their invention date?   


● Colourful Collage​ - ​Ask your child to create their own transport collage. Encourage them to draw, colour or paint a variety of vehicles or make a large collage of one vehicle. Ask them to use bold colours to really make their vehicles stand out! The collage could be made using cut up squares from magazines and leaflets.​ Share the collages at ​#TheLearningProjects​.  

 ● Obstacle Course​ - Ask your child to find any toy transport (cars, trains, etc) they may have at home, then they can design an obstacle course for their vehicle to travel around. This could be on a track or floor involving ramps inside or in the garden. Another idea - get each family member to make a paper aeroplane and throw each one in turn and see whose travels the furthest. Ask your child to measure the lengths of the distance travelled and record these on a bar chart. Recommendation at least 2 hours of exercise a week
 ● Let’s Talk Transport​ -Talk as a family about transport in your life. Talk about how you get to school and work. Do you get your food delivered? Does anyone in the family operate a mode of transport? Is it their job? Discuss the first family car owned. Ask your child to mind map all of the ways your family relies on transport and then to imagine a life without it. 


 ● Transport Around the World​ - Ask your child to look at how people travel around in India. B​uses, cycle-rickshaws, autorickshaws, e-rickshaws, tempos (big, brutal-looking autorickshaws), taxis, boats, tongas (horse-drawn carts), metros and urban trains provide transport around India's cities. Encourage them to compare this to Venice and how the people there travel around​ (​gondola and sandolo tours all around the city). Can your child design a new vehicle suitable for each of these places thinking carefully about suitable and local materials? 
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