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Class 3 Wednesday 3rd June

02 Jun 2020

Hi again everyone. 

There has been a slight change of plan and Mrs A has let me be in charge of the webpages for Grewelthorpe and Fountains for a bit longer (you'd have thought she'd have known better wink) so I'll be with you for the rest of the week. I really enjoyed looking at the work you sent in yesterday and I would love to share some, so if you are happy to let me do that just let me know when you email me and I'll post it on the website. 

Anyway, let us find out what we are going to do today...




Today we are going to continue with our mental maths theme and do some mental addition and subtraction calculations. 

Below are some pirate themed worksheets for you to complete. There are four levels of challenge going from easier to a bit trickier, so have a look and see which one you want to try. If you find the first few ones on a sheet too easy then try the next sheet. I always love it when people challenge themselves.

I've put the sheets up so that you can either read them from the screen or you can print them off if you prefer, either way is fine. If you do more than one sheet some of the answers will overlap a little bit when you work them out, so just be careful because you'll still need to work out the calculations and not just guess the letter wink

By the way, ever wondered why a pirate is called a pirate? It is because they arrghhhh! (If you think that is bad watch out for the jokes on the sheet! I'd love to be able to say they were my jokes but sadly they aren't ( or is that arrrggggghhnnn't?).

If you are super fast at these and want to do a bit more maths then feel free to log on to Rockstar maths and earn some gold coins on there , me clever pirate shipmates.

  -Pirate Themed Mental Calculations Code Breaker sheets 1 and 2.pdf-  

  -Pirate Themed Mental Calculations Code Breaker sheets 3 and 4.pdf-  

 Sheet 1


 Sheet 2


Sheet 3



 Sheet 4



Slide Show 


To save space on the page I've put them up as a slideshow. It can take a bit longer to load though. 


For our English we are going to work on our handwriting again. I've attached a poem below for you to copy out, but if you would like to find one of your own to do that is fine too, as long as it is about the same length as the one below. Feel free to decorate your work afterwards if you want to make it look lovely , and p
lease be careful with the punctuation and spelling as you are working, and make sure that your writing is joined up too. 




It isn't always easy to copy from a screen so I've attached a PDF if want to print off and read from that instead. The PDF is a bit longer so if you want to do all of the verses you can, or if you want to just do the first three it is up to you. 

  -Yo Ho Ho Poem.pdf-  

When you have completed your beautiful handwriting please do your half an hour reading, and don't forget to work on your spellings too. yes

Afternoon activities.

Well done for making it through another busy morning. Here is what we have planned for the afternoon (thanks for some of the great pictures of the masks by the way, they look amazing!). 

The project this week aims to provide opportunities for your child to learn more about countries and cities around the world. Learning may focus on different cultures and traditions, famous landmarks, food and clothing. 

 ● Virtual Explorer - ​What are the continents of the world? Where are they located? What languages are spoken in these continents? Ask your child to use Google Maps to explore a continent of their choice. Can they create a continent fact file or choose a particular country they are interested in and create an information guide including the weather, tourist locations, landmarks, weather, traditional music, food, flags. 



 ● Mask Making -  ​Ask your child to use paper or cardboard and a range of materials around the home to design and create their own African mask. Can they find out their importance to African culture?



 ● Dance Around the World - ​Use ​SafeYoutube​ to dance along to some different cultural dances from around the world, such as the Brazilian Samba, the traditional Diwali stick dance or the Spanish Flamenco. Your child can design a cultural costume for their favourite dance and label it with suitable materials.

 ● Speak the Language - ​Encourage your child to discuss with their family the links they and their family have to the wider world. Find out places family members have visited on holiday, work/business links or simply countries they would like to visit in the future. Have a go at learning some simple phrases in different languages from around the world and write the phrases using the colours of the flag for that country.

 ● Tribal Traditions - ​Ask your child to find out about the cultural differences, customs and traditions of an indiginous group/tribe from around the world such as the Maori people, Native Americans, the Yanomami tribe or the African Maasai tribe. Ask your child, why it is important indigious people are remembered? Can your child create some artwork inspired by one of the tribes? 

I hope you have a great day and have fun completing the tasks. 
Mr G

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