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Friday 8th January

06 Jan 2021

Hi Class 3

Well we all made it through day 1, so let's have a go at day 2. Then it's the weekend! : ) I am writing this on Thursday night, so has it snowed as much as they said it was going to, if so make sure you find time to go and enjoy yourselves outside. It doesn't matter which order you do the activities in. Please could you send me your Science work today but you can send it anytime, doesn't need to be this morning. On our teams call we will look at your maths work, so if you could have done maths before 2 that would be amazing!

We are carrying on with our BFG unit, here is today's link

Any issues the link is on Teams too, like yesterday.

Today's lesson is about investigating suffixes, can you remember what a suffix is? You will be using the past and present tense.
Year 3
Today Year 3 you are working on; A recap of using arrays

Note for Parents
An array is an arrangement of objects, pictures or numbers in rows or columns, which are useful representations of multiplication concepts.
Children explore arrays to see the commutativity of multiplication facts e.g. 5x2= 2x5
The use of array could be use to help children calculate teh multiplication statements. The multiplication symbol and language of lots of should be used interchangeably.

Video link-

Aut3.9.3 - Using arrays from White Rose Maths on Vimeo.


Extension task -Year 3 8.1.21.docx-  

Year 4

Today Year 4 you are working on; Multiplying by 100

Note for Parents
Children build on multiplying by 10 and see links between multiplying by 10 and multiplying by 100.
You could use place value counters or Base 10 pictures to explore what is happening to the value of the digits in the calculation and encourage children to see a rule so they can begin to move away from concrete representations.
Video link-

Aut4.10.2 - Multiply by 100 from White Rose Maths on Vimeo.


​Extension task -  -Year 4 8.1.21.docx-  

This afternoon we are going to do Science and I have this week's spellings for you to practise

Even though we are at home we are going to carry on learning our spellings. I will give you a new list on a Friday and then you practise them throughout the work. Ask your grown up if they could test you on them on a Thursday or a Friday ready for the new list. You could send me your score so I can see how well you are doing. You should know which group you are in, but any problems just let me know.

  -year 3 moons.docx-  

-year 3 stars.docx-  

  -year 4 moons.docx-  

  -year 4 stars.docx-  

Today this is the piece of work I would like you to send me.

We were looking at light in Science before Christmas. Can you answer the following questions
1.What type of light comes from the sun? (HINT it is 2 letters)
2. Can you name 3 light sources?
3. Is the moon a light source why?
4. What happens to your eye when it goes from dark to light?

Our learning objective for today is to be able to explain how shadows are formed.

Look at the Powerpoint, and answer the questions.


Then you could do this sheet, sorting objects, you don't need to print the sheet you could draw your own table and draw the objects in the right place.  -light and shadow.docx-  

At the end I would like you to write an explanation as to why shadows are formed.

Then can you create some shadow animals, using your hands to block out the light, there are examples on the last slide of the Powerpoint, or you could look on Google.

Any problems just email and don’t forget to send me your Science work, this might just be a picture of you making shadow animals or could be your drawings or if you have recorded anything.

See you again at 2pm for our teams call. Don't forget to mute your microphone to start with!
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