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Class 3 - Monday 27th April

25 Apr 2020

Happy Monday all. I hope you have had a good weekend and enjoyed the sunshine. We have a lovely new learning project this week: Animals. So be sure to take a look at the activities and have fun exploring animals that interest and fascinate you. My favorite animal is a wombat, this is because I found out they squash their enemies with their powerful bottoms! 

Remember if you would like to send us pictures or files then please use our class email address:  This will help us to see your work quicker and reply more easily to you. Alternatively, if you need to just send us a message purple mash email is quick and easy too!


This week please choose another 5 -10 of the Year 3/4  Common Exception Words. (You can use your workbook for this.) After having some practice using the usual look - cover - write - check approach, then try out some of the spelling games we use in school - battleships, invisible man, squares or you could try our new game that you learned before the holidays or head outside again! 

If you want a game of battleships the sheet is here.  



Well done to 
Fraya, Lauren, Max J, Hannah, Noah and Jake S for making a start on your AR reading targets! Abbey and Matilda - you are both nearly at target already - Superstars!

Reading is very, very important so please make sure you are doing this every day. Just like at school, please read for 30 minutes from your current AR home reading book. Remember when you finish and are ready to quiz you can access AR at home using the link we gave out.  I will keep an eye on your progress and give you a big shout as you get closer. 

I have nearly finished reading Running Wild by Michael Morpurgo. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? Or for your friends? Let me know via purple mash or email and I will pass them on. 

Following on from last week I would like you to try your next lesson in MyMaths. Today you will either be focusing on 3D shapes.  Please make sure you complete the lesson first before trying the homework as for some of you this will have some new learning and for others, you will need a quick revision. Don't worry if you find it tricky. Do your best and remember mistakes are often our first step in learning!  

Also today please complete 5 sessions in TT Rock stars.


Have you heard of the 2.6 challenge? If not have a look at the website:
We would like you to think about what YOU could do to take part in this challenge to help charities across the UK. It might be walking 2.6 miles, or knitting a scarf 2.6 meters! Whatever it is, it should be a challenge and something that your friends and family might sponsor you to complete.

Write down your 2.6. challenge idea on a poster that you can then share with others to show them what you are doing. Also, include a date for when your challenge will be taking place or when it will be completed by and then send us a photo of your poster so we can share everyone's challenges and see how you get on. Finally and maybe most importantly choose which charity you want to support - maybe talk with adults about which to choose and why. 

  Learning Project: Animals

The project this week aims to provide opportunities for you to learn more about key​ ​animals that interest you. Learning may focus on exploring the physical aspects of an animal, their habitat, categorising animals etc.

Really use this time to wonder, explore and reflect on animals that fascinate you. Choose activities from the list below or if you can be creative in a different way please do! We would love to see what you create and find out so remember to send us a quick snap of any animal work to 

Let’s Wonder: 

Create fact files about deadly predators. Draw pictures of the predators and label them with the information you find out. Where does the predator live? Why does it live there? What does it eat? How does it capture its prey? What special qualities do these predators have? Make a ​food chain​ to demonstrate why a predator is at the top of the chain. You could make a set of ​top trump cards​ using the information you have found out. 

 Let’s Create:  
 Explore the artist ​Franz Marc​. Find out who he was and what type of artist he was. What did he like to create pictures? Look at some of his paintings online. Then choose an animal to draw and add colour to, in a similar style to his. What do you think of his paintings? Did you like your finished piece of artwork? Why?/Why not?

Be Active: 
Get out into the garden and make a ​bug hotel.​ Go on a mini beast hunt and record what you find. If you find any minibeasts you haven’t seen before you could always look it up online. What can you find out about these amazing creatures?

Time to Talk:  
Find out which animals are your family members' favourites and why. Have a family debate about whether zoos should exist. Discuss whether you agree/disagree and why?  Do your family members have a different opinion to you? Why not debate whether animals should be kept as pets?
Understanding Others and Appreciating Differences: 
Which animals are considered to be sacred around the world and why? Sacred Animals  Who admires cows? Lions? Wolves? Which animals were important to the Egyptians and why?
Enjoy your day! I look forward to seeing what you get up to and hearing about your 2.6 challenges. I will let you know what my challenge is going to be tomorrow. Remember to email any work or pictures to 


Mrs Lewis 
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