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Class 3 - Wednesday 20th May

19 May 2020



Good morning Class Three. It's beginning to warm up! Try and spend as much time outside in the sunshine today, so whenever you can, take your learning outside. If you are in the sun, remember your hat and suncream, we don't want any land lobsters! 

Story Writing 

I was really impressed by your storyboards yesterday, although I haven't received everyone's, so if you still want to send it, please do! (Send a snap to the usual class email.)

Today I would like us to focus on the main character in this story - The Lighthouse Keeper. I would like you to imagine that you are interviewing him after the event to see how he felt and to find out what happened.

What questions would you ask him? What would you like to know? I have set an interview 2Do on Purple Mash for you to use for your questions and his answers. But as usual, if PM is being a pain or you would prefer, please use your workbooks or a word processor to record your ideas. 

You will need to put yourself in the lighthouse keeper's shoes to answer the questions well. Make sure you talk about thought and feelings. 


Well done to many of you who tried very hard yesterday to learn the spellings of the world's oceans and seas! Today I would like you to focus back on your spelling pattern and practice your words - and others that you found with this pattern if you want a challenge- by taking your practice outside:

Either create your words using natural materials, leaves, grass, twigs etc.

Or maybe, since it is warm and you are likely to have the paddling pool out,  use paintbrushes and water to write them all correctly before they dry out in the sunshine! No copying them - still use your look, cover, write check approach. 


Okay, reading superstars, only 3 days left... Well done to Lily who has joined our amazing list of Target Readers! I am so very proud of how hard you are all working on this. Several of you are just a book or two away from the target, so don't give up! 

Please read for 30 minutes from your current AR home reading book today and quiz if needed. (Remember to keep those quiz scores at 85% or higher.)

 If you are beginning to get short on AR reading books then don't dismay. Click here to find our guide which signposts where to go to find free, books and texts on AR. You can also find this information in the Enrichment section of the website!

Year 4: 
Today I would like you to decide how confident you are about symmetry in shapes- if you are not so confident choose activity A first before looking at B. If you are confident have a go at activity B straight away.

Activity A: Practically find the lines of symmetry in these shapes by cutting them out and folding them in various places to see if both sides are exactly the same and sit covering each other. Then have another go at the quiz on PM to see if you can beat your last score. 

Activity B: 
Follow this link : To find a super symmetrical challenge. If you are finding it hard, there is a link on the left that says "getting started" which will help.

When you think you have found all the possibilities you can take a peek at the "solutions" page. 

Hint: There are 64 possible answers.
2nd Hint: Think diagonal lines of symmetry. 

Year 3:

If you didn't take a look yesterday then maybe watch this video which explains what a Tangram is then cut out your own tangram puzzle pieces. (You might want to put these on card if possible as you will be using them a few days!)

Okay using your Tangram pieces have a go at this challenge:  

There are some clues here if you finding it tricky...
The answers are here! No peeking until you have had a good try! 

Healthy Body & Healthy Mind.

Being active is so important for a happy body and a happy mind. So make sure you get active today!  As today is looking like it's going to be a scorcher I would like you to take plenty of time to do your activities outdoors today! Maybe take a walk when it is a bit cooler this morning or later this afternoon. 

While outside take a few moments of mindfulness... Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and then bring all of your attention towards what you can hear. Notice which sounds are most obvious to you, as well as those that are in the background. Notice how some sounds come and go, while others are constant. Notice how some get louder and softer. 


Learning Project:  Under the Sea.

Your learning project this week focuses on life in and around the seas and oceans. Your learning can focus on the strange and wonderful creatures and plants that call the ocean their home. You may also want to think about how humans affect this delicate environment and how you can be part of the solutions. 

As usual, use the ideas below as a starting point but follow your own interests and creative ideas for how you explore this learning.

● Exploring the Blue Abyss​ 
Can you remember the oceans of the world? Find out about the five different layers of the ocean (Sunlight Zone, Twilight Zone, Midnight Zone, Lower Midnight Zone or Abyss and the Trenches). ​Sea creatures​ adapt incredibly to live in specific layers where the conditions, such as the temperature and light levels, can change. Explore the creatures that are found in each layer of the ocean and create a fact file for each ocean layer with a labeled diagram.

● Submarine Sculptures​ 
Take a look at pictures of real submarines for inspiration and create your own model submarines from different materials found at home e.g. plastic bottles, paint, coloured pencils, string, paper mache, sweet wrappers, tin foil and cardboard. When collecting materials, think about the suitability of each material. Alternatively or in addition, you could design and create a boat to carry a load on the ocean using junk modeling.  
 ● Time to Talk:  Preventing Pollution​ 
Talk to different family members about what they know about plastic waste (e.g. plastic bags, six-pack rings and microbeads) that ends up in the ocean. You could do this by creating a questionnaire and carrying out interviews (perhaps over Facetime with adult supervision?). Discuss how you could help reduce ocean pollution and work together to create a persuasive poster or video to reduce plastic waste​.

 ● Understanding Others and Appreciating Differences: 
Reef Research​ - The Great Barrier Reef is the only living thing that is visible from space! Encourage your child to take a virtual tour of the reef using ​AirPano and create a poster or video to promote the Great Barrier Reef. Remember to use scientific language relating to the habitats and species groups found in the reef. Can you identify the main threats to The Great Barrier Reef and include these too?

 I look forward to seeing more of your fantastic work today. (Maybe give yourself an early finish and enjoy the sunshine!) Remember you can message anytime on Purple Mash or via our class email.

Be kind to yourself and to others and don't forget the sunscreen. 

Mrs. Lewis x
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