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Friday 24th April

23 Apr 2020

Friday 24th April 2020                                   
Hellloooo class three….It’s Friday! I hope you have all had a lovely week and have got lots of fun things planned for the weekend! I was so impressed with all your hard work yesterday, so many of you tried so hard with your prayers and letters of thanks – I was proud of how much thought and effort you have put in. I have put a link to some of them below for you to read:

I was really proud of Henry, Ava, Tom and Tonweya who all did really well on the year 4 MyMaths challenge and kept persevering! A big well done also to Lauren, Hannah and William for doing really well in the year 3 Maths task 😊.
A big well done to Max J and William who got top marks in the renewable energy activity 😊, and a very big well done to Aidan, Eliza S, Noah, Florence, Katie and Jake for their super SPaG scores 😊.

These are your tasks for today. I hope you enjoy them.  


 I would like you to go onto TT rockstars and spend thirty minutes practising your times tables. Once you have practised them, I would like you to ask your Mum’s or Dad’s to choose three of your tables to quiz you on. For example, you could choose 2’s, 3’s and 10’s or you could choose 4’s, 6’s and 8’s – it’s up to you whichever ones you wish to do. Try and challenge yourselves though, and send me through your scores.

I have set you a challenge on SumDog. There is one for year 3 and one for year 4. Have a go and do your best, let’s see who can earn those 250 coins πŸ˜‰.  

I would like you to write a letter to someone who you think might be feeling a bit scared or lonely at this time. This could be to a relative you have not seen for a while, a neighbour, a friend or a vulnerable person who is on their own. You could tell them all about the interesting things you have been doing, (all the hard school work that you still have to do πŸ˜‰), things that you have been able to do that you wouldn’t normally be able to do and anything else that you think they might like to know. I don’t mind if you do it on a computer or in your work books, but remember to take care over presentation, spelling and punctuation. I look forward to seeing them 😊.

I would like you to spend thirty minutes reading some of your AR book. I know a lot of you are trying hard with your quizzes, which is fantastic – keep it up!! I thought what could be another nice thing would be for you to take a photo of your favourite reading area tomorrow – it could be under the quilt, it could be on a beanbag, a favourite chair…..anywhere you enjoy cosying up with a book, and let yourself become engrossed in your story. 


A little extra…
In keeping with our ‘anonymous friend’ activities that we were doing before school broke up, I thought it would be a lovely thing if we carried them on at home. Now, we can’t do it in the quite the same way as we did at school so rather than being ‘anonymous friends’, I thought we could do ‘kindness tasks’ at home.
For example it could be: tidying a room, leaving a thank you note to mums and dads, making a sibling a snack, giving someone at home a hug……

 Learning Project: Viewpoints

The project this week aims to provide opportunities for you to learn more about different viewpoints. Learning may focus on physical viewpoints in terms of what you can see outside of the window at home, what others can see looking into your home and then progress onto personal viewpoints and of others. Explore any of the ideas below and see where the activity takes you. The ideas below are only a starting point really. See what interests you and enjoy exploring this topic!

Let’s Wonder: 

Draw a picture of yourself and label the drawing with the qualities you have. How do others see you differently? Ask people at home to add to their qualities. How are you different from other children in different parts of the world?  What makes you similar to other children around the world? 

Let’s Create:  
Complete an observational drawing of what they see outside a window in their house. Then get out into the garden and find natural forms such as stones, leaves, flowers and animals. Complete sketches, showing an awareness of different viewpoints of the same object. Remember to concentrate on tone and shading. 

Be Active: 
Move around your home and garden taking photographs from different viewpoints. Which photos do you like? Do the people you live with like the same photos as you? Why? Why not? 
Time to Talk:  
Talk about keeping safe, discuss different ways to keep safe. Basic hygiene rules, road safety, internet safety, water safety, being safe around the home, stranger danger. How do different people view this?  After chatting about these ideas choose one to create an information leaflet or poster to help younger children know the rules. 
Understanding Others and Appreciating Differences: 
Listen to different pieces of music from around the world, which styles of music do you prefer and why? ​Music​ Maybe you could learn a 
song by heart and perform it. Send us a video into
Design your own ideal world. Would your world contain the same things as other people? Which things are most important to you? What are you going to include? 

I have really enjoyed receiving all your work and photos of things you have been doing. If you wanted, you could always send me a video as well. It was lovely to receive of video of Fraya engaging in the music task, and I had a lovely video of Ava singing a beautiful song. I will be sending out some more videos later on in the week, so keep an eye out for the links.
I hope you all have a lovely weekend. Take care of one another, be safe and be kind!! Missing you all
😊 😊
Love from Miss Vetch


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