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Class 3 - Thursday 7th May

06 May 2020

Morning you lovely lot! As promised today is a bit different all the tasks are going to be based around the 75th VE day anniversary which is happening this bank holiday weekend. I have also left our Environment Learning Project activities on just in case you wanted to continue with that topic too. Anything you do today or over the weekend to celebrate the 75th anniversary we would love to see via the usual email.
Don't feel you must do everything on here today, do what you can and what interests you most. 


Hopefully yesterday you managed to take a look at these two websites and   to learn about the importance of VE day. If you didn't manage yesterday maybe take a look now. 

Another great way to find out about our history is to talk to those people who lived through those times. Maybe you could talk to your grandparents or parents who may have stories from their own time or their parent's time in the war. Perhaps they have pictures of relatives who were involved in the war. Family history is always fascinating! 

Below is a fascinating film of Veterans speaking about the day.

Watch this showreel, published by the imperial war museum which shows footage of how VE day was celebrated. 


We are being encouraged to have our own garden parties to celebrate the anniversary and many of you began your decorations yesterday. I have put a few more ideas below - but I am sure you will also think of your own creative ideas!

  • Loads of colouring in bunting to be found. Or you could make your own like Chloe and Jacob have. 
  • Create flags to either hang or wave. 
  • Could you create your own solidier silhouettes like the beautiful WW1 metal soldiers around Ripon? 
  • Decorate your window with celebratory messages/ flags.


With one rationed egg and a packet of powdered milk in the larder, World War II’s home cooks had to be creative.
Find out what families were eating over 75 years ago. Create some delicious meals using the recipe booklets below. You could serve them at your ‘Stay at Home Garden Party!’ 
Wartime recipe booklet 

Jam Tarts



Spend some time reflecting on the sacrifices and hardships the soldiers and their families faced during this time. Create a prayer, poem or letter of gratitude to reflect on your thoughts and feelings, or if you think you would find it difficult to do this yourself, look for a poem or prayer which reflects your feelings instead. 

Maybe also reflect on who you need to give thanks to at this difficult time.


Singing in celebration!

Singing in war time was an important way of keeping spirits up, so in this time of celebration why not learn one of the famous songs? Or maybe learn how to play one on your instrument. Make sure you involve the whole family and share a video clip with us! 

Great ideas of songs to learn here

 Crack The Codes

As you will have learned, cracking the secret codes the enemy communication was a key part of our eventual success in the war. Have a go at some code-breaking yourself. 

Phonetic Alphabet                                   
The phonetic alphabet that was used in RAF  transmissions during the war. Learn to spell your name using the phonetic alphabet 
e.g. Ted = Tango    Echo   Delta

Morse Code
Morse code is a communication system that represents the alphabet and numbers with a series of dots, dashes or a combination of both as shown here. Watch this video to find out more about Morse Code. Can you write a secret coded message for your family to crack?

 Learning Project:  The Environment.

Your learning may focus on changes to different environments, the impact of humans on environments, climate change, etc. As usual use these ideas as a starting point but follow your own interests and creative ideas for how you explore this learning. 

● Let’s Wonder: 
 What is the weather like around the world? Which countries are most likely to have a snowstorm, torrential rain, heatwaves etc Find out about natural disasters such as forest fires, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, tornados etc. How is climate change having an effect on the weather and natural disasters? 

 ● Let’s Create:   
Using recycled materials design and make a recycling mascot to spread the word about the importance and need to recycle. Think about what it is going to look like? Which materials are they going to use? How are you going to join the materials together? Once completed, remember to evaluate your mascot. What would you do differently next time? Which parts did you find the most challenging and why?  
 ● Time to Talk:  
 Discuss environmental issues in the UK. ​Air pollution​, ​climate change​, litter, waste,​ and ​soil contamination​ are all examples of human activity that have an impact in the UK. What are global environmental issues? Various processes that can be said to contribute to the global environmental problems include pollution, global warming, ozone depletion, acid rain, depletion of natural resources, overpopulation, waste disposal and deforestation ... These processes have a highly negative impact on our environment. Decide as a family how you could ‘do your bit’ to look after their environment e.g. you could​ set up a recycling station in their home; Paper, plastics and glass. 

 ● Understanding Others and Appreciating Differences: 
 Throughout our lives, culture and experience shapes worldviews, children growing up in the Netherlands, for example, have a much different understanding of the role of water in their lives than their peers in the Sahara Desert. The difference between the abundance and scarcity of water in each of these physical environments affects every aspect of their respective cultures, including the global perceptions they will carry with them throughout their lives.
Think about food. How do you think people view food in the UK compared to those living in Ethiopia for example? Research a country where food and water are scarce. Find out about charities that help people in need, ​Red cross​, ​Christain Aid​, ​Islamic Relief​ or other charities that are significant to you.

I hope you have a wonderful day, perhaps preparing for your own garden party VE celebration, but more importantly learning about the wonderful men and women who made so many sacrifices for our countries freedom. Keep in touch - proud of all your super efforts this week. You really are brilliant! 

Mrs Lewis x

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