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Friday 27th March

25 Mar 2020

Friday 27th March 2020

Good morning everyone! I hope you all had a lovely day yesterday. I am still missing you all, but it was lovely to receive updates and pictures of your work! I know you have all been very busy, baking and making your school projects. 

Well done to each of you for your really hard work over the last couple of days. I have been really impressed by your Purple Mash work – some of your game reviews were fantastic, a very well done to Noah and Jacob W. I have been challenged to a game of FIFA19 by Max D (I will have to start practising 😊). I have also enjoyed seeing who has been completing the challenges on sumdog – well done to Eliza S, Ava and Matilda! I have put today's activities below. Remember to complete one of the project ideas too, and if you can send me a photo, that I could put on the website, that would be amazing as I would love to see what you have been doing! 
  I think Benjamin’s poster of his family is great….don’t you?


Chloe E has been really busy learning all about the life cycle of frogs and her mummy has been kind enough to send us some photos of the tadpoles as they hatch so watch this space….

Today, I’d like you to do some practice with equivalent fractions. I have attached two links – the top one if for year 3’s to have a go at and the bottom one is for year 4’s.
Print out the worksheet, if you can, and stick it
 into your workbooks. Then, you can mark the answers at the end.
Year 4 – you have an equivalent fraction matching game that you can play with a member of your family. If you can, try and take some photos of you playing the game.

Don’t forget to also watch the youtube video as there is a mental maths challenge for you as well, which you can complete in your workbooks.

Please read for 30 minutes from your current AR home reading book. Remember to check the meaning of unfamiliar vocabulary.  I will be keeping an eye on your points targets and giving a big shout out to those of you who reach their target! 
To help practise your chosen 10 words from the Y3/4 Statutory word list, I would like you to write 10 descriptive sentences, using one of your chosen words in each sentence.


Log on to your Purple Mash account and complete the ‘2do task’. Today’s task is to complete a diary of what you have been doing this week. Remember, to include descriptive language; punctuation; interesting facts; varied vocabulary choices. You can do this as a 2write on Purple mash or if it won’t allow you to save, then you can complete in your work books – remembering to put the date!

Learning Project - To be completed throughout the week.
The project this week aims to provide opportunities for you to gain a better understanding of your own family. Learning may focus on the different makeup of families, what traditions your family has, stories linked to your family, etc. 

Each day choose one activity from these listed below.

Let’s Wonder:
Who is in your child’s immediate family? What other relatives do you have? How does your family link together? How many people do you have in your family? Why not spend time​ ​looking through old photos and talking about the people in their families.  What family stories can they tell? How is life different to your parents? grandparents? 

Let’s Create: 
Create a piece of artwork entitled ‘Family’. This could be a drawing, a self-portrait, sculpture or collage. Could you copy another artist's style? Which materials have they chosen to use and why? How do you feel about their piece of artwork? What would you change or not? Family Portraits

Be Active:

Try out Go Noodle​ with the family or have a family workout.  Fancy a dance? There are lots of dance videos you could try. ​Dance​. Maybe try some ​Yoga​.  We would recommend exercise is done every day!

Time to Talk:  
Perhaps you could play a board game, facetime a member of their family you have not seen this week, enjoy a family indoor picnic or have a family dinner, which you can help to prepare and cook. 

Understanding Others and Appreciating Differences: 
Discuss how your family is different to other people’s families. Discuss whether all families are the same? Does it matter? Do all families have the same faith? Do all families worship in the same way?

Find out what music your family members enjoy. Do they like the same music? What is their favourite song? You could listen to different pieces of music together with the family. Do you like/dislike any particular types of music and why? Can you identify the instruments you can hear and describe how the music makes you feel? Why not listen to some of the ​classics​?


I hope you have enjoyed your activities today – have a lovely weekend, remember to look after your mums and dads too. Take care, missing you all, look after each other and be safe!!

See you soon 😊 😊

Miss Vetch

PS I’ll have some more videos waiting for you on Wednesday 😊
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