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Class 3 Wednesday 15th July 2020

13 Jul 2020

Hello Year 2 and Year 3, we hope you are enjoying this week’s activities. Please remember to send anything you want to share with us to We will share your work on the website.
Okay before we get started with today’s tasks let’s see who was paying attention when they read the information about your teachers and play Miss Rogers or Mrs Lewis, simply answer the questions below with the right teachers name, ( We have put the answers at the bottom of the page).
1. Which teacher has 2 children?
2. This teacher’s favourite colour is pink.
3. Who plays Uno when they aren’t teaching?
4.This teacher is not a good cook.
5. Which teacher has named their cars/van?
6. Who doesn't have a pet?
7.Which teacher is teaching you on a Thursday?
8.Who was born in Melton Mowbray?
9.Which teacher loves chinese food?
10.Which one of your teachers has met the Queen?

 Some of your work so far this week... (We haven't put your profile pages up yet as we want to keep some of them a secret until Friday)

Slide Show 


Slide Show 


Treasure hunt!
We have seen you doing lots of different scavenger hunts so shall we do another one today. Today’s theme is:

Things that begin with the letter 'R' (R for Rogers)

Can you find 1 object from every room in your house that begins with the letter 'R' - the more imaginative the better. Please write a list, draw pictures, or gather them all together and take a picture to show us all your finds. Send them into us at

Times Tables

In Class Three we try really hard to learn all of our Times Tables. These are really important to learn and to continue practising. We have lots of fun games and activities to help us to learn each of the multiples and get quicker at remembering them! Have a go at one now:

Follow the link below, try to choose a Times Table you need to practise. Have fun!


 Some of you are really close to reaching your target on Accelerated Reader. You have worked so hard, don’t stop now! You have just a few days left to earn points for this half term so keep it up!
Remember 30 minutes each day if you can! 


Keeping Active! 
Joe Wicks PE has proved really popular during Lockdown, with children and adults across the country joining in with his workouts. Here is the link to his latest session, have a go.
Who thinks they are fitter now than they were before lockdown started?

Time to relax...
In these strange times it is important to take time to look after our minds as well as the rest of us. So we have put a mindfulness activity below, take some time, go to your happy place, be calm and enjoy. We have attached some different yoga poses for you to try. I was going to take Daisy to Baby Yoga before lockdown happened. So maybe you can send me some photos of you doing the different poses and then we can try them at home.


Book Review
As most of you know before this year I taught in Reception. I have lots of books which I have enjoyed sharing with the children who have been in my Reception classes. But now I want to know what books you like to read, over the holidays I am going to get familiar with books aimed at children of your age and I want your help!!
Can you create a book review about your favourite book?  I may not get time to read 28 books so I will start with the ones which you persuade me are really good. So if you want me to read your favourite book make sure you really sell your book in your review. You could write your review or create a video to tell me about the book.
Why do you like it?
What's your favourite part?
How many stars would you give it?
Why should I read it?


Have a lovely day. Look after yourselves and others, be kind, be helpful.


Miss Rogers and Mrs Lewis

Answers to Miss Rogers or Mrs Lewis

1. Mrs Lewis
2. Miss Rogers
3. Mrs Lewis
4. Miss Rogers
5. Mrs Lewis
6. Mrs Lewis & Miss Rogers
7. Miss Rogers
8. Mrs Lewis
9. Miss Rogers
10. Miss Rogers


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