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Friday 22nd January

14 Jan 2021

Good morning Class 3!!

 Today looks like this:

English BFG- Continuing our story openers
 - Multiplication & TT practice- Please send me this work today.
Spellings- Test on Purple Mash, new lists below
Mindfullness activities 

Teams Call
 - 2pm
Weekly Quiz- Quiz on teams
Collective Worship

As ever we would also like you to read for at least 30 minutes and complete your AR quiz and have some physical exercise today – remember extra ideas and information about these are on the home learning tab.

Here are today's activities


In this lesson, we will recap and write compound sentences. We will recap key vocabulary and use it to orally rehearse ambitious sentences to include in our writing. Following shared writing, we will carry on writing the second part of the opening. For this lesson, you will need an exercise book or paper and a pencil. It would also be useful to have your writing from last lesson next to you. Happy writing! Here is your link for today-


Don't forget about doing your 5 sessions on TTRockstars today!

Remember if you cant print off the sheet for today's lesson don’t worry, just make sure you write the question number and sum in your book.

You can mark your own work when you have finished it by looking on Teams, on the files tab for today's answer sheet.

Year 3
Today Year 3 you are working on; The 4 times table

Note for Parents

Video link - 

Aut3.12.1 - The 4 times-table from White Rose Maths on Vimeo.

Worksheet -   -Y3-Autumn-Block-3-WO7-The-4-times-table-2019.pdf-  

Extension task -   -Year 3 challenge F.docx-  

Year 4 
Today Year 4 you are working on; Multiplying and dividing by 7

Note for Parents

Here is your PPT for today's lesson -   -Aut4.12.3-Multiply-and-divide-by-7.pptx-  

Worksheet -   -Y4-Autumn-Block-4-WO11-Multiply-and-divide-by-7-2019.pdf-  

Extension task - -Year 4 challenges F.docx-

I hope you have been practising your spellings this week. To do the spelling test you will need to log in to Purple Mash and then you should see I have set you a 2do, make sure you choose the right spelling test. You click on the 2do then you will hear my voice :) You write the word, check it and press done, then next.

t will tell you how many you get correct and send your score to me.

Here are your new spellings for next week

  -year 3 stars-V317131329.docx-  Your rule is adding 'kle' to words.

  -year 3 moons-V317131329.docx-  Your rule is looking at adding 'ly' when the word already ends in 'y' so you change the 'y' to 'i' then add 'ly'

  -year 4 stars-V317131329.docx-  Your rule is adding 'kle' to words.

  -year 4 moons-V317131880.docx-   Your rule is looking at adding ‘ous’  to words ending ‘ge’ if the soft ‘g’ sound is kept. Very few of these words.

Weekly Quiz
Have a go at this week's quiz on teams to see how much of our learning you have remembered. Well done to the 16 of you who all completed last week's quiz, Abbey, Billy, Oli, Sam C, Jess, Harriet, Eliza, Tora, Noah, Max D, Lily M, Edward, Matilda, Tom, Max J and Izzy! I have awarded you all a dojo. To find this week's quiz when you login to Teams for our cal
you should be able to see when you click on the assignment tab at the top I have set you a quiz. I have tweaked the settings so hopefully we won't have an issue with the answers like last week.

Why don't you have a go at one of the following- 

Yoga cards -yoga-cards.pdf-  

Colouring   -T-T-23878-Mandala-Themed-Mindfulness-Colouring-Sheets_ver_2.pdf-  

Go for a run or a walk

Have a go at this activity 

Or choose a different activity which makes you happy.

Here are some photos of your super work from this week.
Slide Show 

 Any problems just email

See you at 2pm for our teams call. Don't forget to send me your maths work.

Miss Rogers
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