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Class 3 - Friday 1st May

30 Apr 2020

Happy Friday everyone! Have you enjoyed the learning project this week: Animals. We have certainly learned a lot from you all this week - I now know a lot more about farm animals, rhinos, jellyfish and tigers! Today you are going to chance to use all that information to make your own quiz. 

As it is Friday, we thought we would give you a treat and choose some different subjects for your tasks today. Have fun working on these. Remember try and complete as much as you can but don't worry if you can't do everything! We look forward to seeing what you have been up to. Also, remember if you would like to send us pictures or files then please use our class email address: 


Today we would like you to use what you have been finding out about different animals to create a quiz. Purple mash has a fantastic quiz making app so there is a 2do set for you using this program. But if you run into problems please feel free to write your quiz questions in your workbook.
When you have created your animal quiz maybe you could test it out on the other members of your family or video call a friend or family member to see how they get on answering your questions! 


Have a look at the below link. There are lots of ideas for different PE type activities that you could do at home; give one a go!


Huge congratulations to this huge list of children who have now reached their AR Points target:
Abbey B, Max D, Matilda, Max J, Harriet, William, and Eliza St. 

Well done to everyone else too, who are reading lots and working hard towards their target! There is plenty of time to go, so keep reading everyone. I think I need to order more postcards! 

Today please read for 30 minutes from your current AR home reading book. Remember when you finish and are ready to quiz you can access AR at home using the link

 Religious Education:

As a school, we have been thinking about Sikhism and we hoped that we would be able to visit a Gurdwara - a Sikh holy building used for worship and communityAs we may not be able to do this as soon as we would like, we want you to do some research to find out about a Gurdwara. Below are some safe links to some useful information, but you can use your SMART skills to good use to find other good sources of information too.

When you have finished researching, please record what you have found out. This might be a picture, some writing, or even a video explanation! 

Remember to send any work you are proud of to    We look forward to seeing your creative learning! 

  Learning Project: Animals

The project this week aims to provide opportunities for you to learn more about key​ ​animals that interest you. Learning may focus on exploring the physical aspects of an animal, their habitat, categorising animals etc.

Really use this time to wonder, explore and reflect on animals that fascinate you. Choose activities from the list below or if you can be creative in a different way please do! We would love to see what you create and find out so remember to send us a quick snap of any animal work to 

Let’s Wonder: 

Create fact files about deadly predators. Draw pictures of the predators and label them with the information you find out. Where does the predator live? Why does it live there? What does it eat? How does it capture its prey? What special qualities do these predators have? Make a ​food chain​ to demonstrate why a predator is at the top of the chain. You could make a set of ​top trump cards​ using the information you have found out. 

 Let’s Create:  
 Explore the artist ​Franz Marc​. Find out who he was and what type of artist he was. What did he like to create pictures? Look at some of his paintings online. Then choose an animal to draw and add colour to, in a similar style to his. What do you think of his paintings? Did you like your finished piece of artwork? Why?/Why not?

Be Active: 
Get out into the garden and make a ​bug hotel.​ Go on a mini beast hunt and record what you find. If you find any minibeasts you haven’t seen before you could always look it up online. What can you find out about these amazing creatures?

Time to Talk:  
Find out which animals are your family members' favourites and why. Have a family debate about whether zoos should exist. Discuss whether you agree/disagree and why?  Do your family members have a different opinion to you? Why not debate whether animals should be kept as pets?
Understanding Others and Appreciating Differences: 
Which animals are considered to be sacred around the world and why? Sacred Animals  Who admires cows? Lions? Wolves? Which animals were important to the Egyptians and why?

Enjoy your day! We look forward to seeing what you get up to and maybe trying some of your quizzes on Purple Mash. Take care, and stay safe. Lots of love from Mrs Lewis & Miss Vetch. 


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