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Class 3 Friday 17th July 2020

13 Jul 2020

Last Day of Term

Well, we have reached the end of the school year Class 3. It has been a funny year and I am sad that my time in school with you was cut so short, but I really enjoyed the time we had in school and a real highlight was our pilgrimage trip, despite the bit of rain! You have all managed really well at home and I can see many of you blossoming with creativity and independence. Make sure you say a really big thank you to those lovely people at home who have been helping you with your home learning as they have had to work even harder than you a lot of the time!  
I know many of you will have seen the message from Miss Vetch, but if you missed it, please follow this link. 
Have a wonderful Summer break and I cannot wait to see you all back at school in September, ready to get going again! You are all superstars! 

Stay safe.
 Lots of Love, Mrs. Lewis. 



Friday 17th July

You have made it!! I think all of you and your mums and dads need a huge pat on the back. Well done for trying hard and doing the tasks set by the teachers. you have now got lots of time to relax, rewind and recharge before returning to school in September. 

Birthdays πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚

Happy Birthday

Ava Todd 🎈
Max Booth🎈 
Benjamin Saville 🎈 
Lauren Elton 🎈 
Harriet Slater 🎈 
Noah Watson🎈 

Erica Bassitt 🎈 
Lowansa Pickersgill 🎈 

We hope you each have a lovely birthday! 

Guess who?


Yesterday on the website you tried to guess which of your teachers or classmates the different facts were about. Here are the answers:
Miss Rogers has a fear of escalators.
Sam B has a brother called Jack and likes Lego.
Mrs Lewis shares a birthday with Mrs Acheson and Mr Breckon, from Grewelthorpe School.
Oli likes pizza and playing cricket. He has a brother called Tom.
Tora has a big sister. She enjoys going on her hoverboard and her favourite food is chilli.
Billy has a big brother and a big sister. He enjoys farming, he helps his mum and dad on the farm and he likes chocolate.

Here are some of your biography pages

Slide Show 


Treasure hunt!
Okay one final treasure hunt!
For today’s treasure hunt the theme is the letter ‘F' (F for Fountains Primary School)
Can you find 1 object from every room in your house that starts with this letter - the more imaginative the better. Please write a list, draw pictures, or gather them all together and take a picture to show us all your finds. Send them into us at



Times Tables

Have a go at this maths game, choose one of the times tables options, afterwards you can always try one of the other objectives.

 The following people have reached their targets this half term.
Abbey Burrill, Max Drury, Max Jeffery, Matilda Jarman, Harriet Slater, William Topham. 
Chloe Ellmore, Chloe Hall, Florence Heard, Eliza Storey and Jacob Wilson.

Well done to you!!!! 


It might be the summer but don't stop reading, read as much as you can. 

Keeping Active! 
Below are links to 3 differnet dance routines to 3 great songs. Have a go at copying one of these routines. Alternatively put on your favourite song and make up your own dance routine.

Time to relax...
As today is the last day we have found a booklet full of different activities, which you can click on below. We would like you to do Activity H, A world of Hugs. Today's mindfulness activty is all about kindness and positivity. The explanation says to do this with a friend but feel free to do this with a family member instead if you prefer.  You might want to do some of the other activities over the next 7 weeks. You don’t have to of course.

Here is a link to some positivity colouring.


Favourite memories

As you have all almost finished this school year. We want you to reflect back on the year. What have you enjoyed the most? What was your favourite thing you did in school? What is your best lockdown memory?
Have you learnt any new skills during lockdown, what have you learn this year? What have you got better at?
You could write about this, draw a picture, make a video. You choose how you want to show this, but don’t forget to send it to us on the class email.


Have an amazing summer break, stay safe and have fun!! We can't wait to see you all in September. 


Miss Rogers
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