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Collective Worship Wednesday 24th June

24 Jun 2020

Collective worship Wednesday 24th June 2020

23 Jun 2020



Hello everyone

It is Mr Gamble today and I will be doing Collective Worship with you. 

Today's theme will be "Thankfulness" and remembering to be grateful for what we have and what is around us.

Yesterday Mrs Micklefield gave you a challenge to see if you could say "thank you" in any other languages. I wonder if you know what language these words come from? I'll put the answers at the bottom of the page for you to see at the end. 


Well done if you managed to guess any of the words and which language they are from. 

Sometimes it is easy to forget about the small things we have which make us happy. Below is a story all about being grateful and thankful for what we have and the world around us. Click on the book to see the story.

For today's activity you could have a go at creating a flower to help you think of all of the things you are grateful for. In the video below I have thought of all of the things that I could put on the petals of my flower and what I am thankful for. What would you put on your petals? Would any of them be the same as mine or would you put different things?

The instructions are below and if you would like to you can email your flower to me at because I would love to see them.

Thank you very much for listening and have a lovely week.


Gratitude Flower

Start by cutting out a circle from colored paper. Yellow is a popular colour for this piece since it will be the center of the flower.gratitude flower gratitude exercises

On the circle, write “Things I’m Thankful For” or write your name or family name, or even an overarching thing you’re grateful for (i.e., “my family”).

Next, use a template or freehand cut to create flower petals. You can use several different colours for a bright and vibrant flower, or the same colour for a more uniform looking flower.

On the flower petals, write down things you are grateful for. These can be things like the sunny weather, having wonderful friends or having lovely food.

Glue or tape these petals to the center to create a flower. This is your gratitude flower!

Answers to the quiz.

The languages mentioned  are French (merci), German (danke schön), Spanish (gracias), Italian (grazie), Arabic (shukran) and Chinese Mandarin (xie xie).

Well done if you managed to guess any. 
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