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Class 3 Monday 13th June

09 Jul 2020

Welcome to Class Three.

Transition Week

This week is a bit different, we would like you to head to the page which will be your class in September.
So current Year 4 pupils, head across to the Class 4 page and welcome to the current Year 2 and Year 3 pupils!

Can you guess who these people are?

Did you recognise us straight away? Yes, it's Miss Rogers and Mrs. Lewis. We will be your teachers from September and we cannot wait to get started! We think we already know you all pretty well because we have taught most of you in school before, but this week we would like you to get to know us a bit more and for us to find out more about you! We have also got lots of fun activities that we hope you will join in with us throughout the week! 

Click on these pictures you can find out all about us both.
There will be a quiz later in the week so read carefully! 




Meet The Teachers

You have seen our Purple Mash Avatars, but we thought you should also have some real pictures! 





More About You!

Now you know more about us we would love it if you would tell us more about you now. Please complete one of our Meet the Pupil sheets so we can learn more about you and your lovely families! Send them to We will be sharing your work later in the week so please do let us have them so you can join in the fun! If you would prefer to send us a little video telling us all about yourself that would be wonderful too! 
 Click on picture to open file.


Treasure hunt

I heard from Mr. Gamble tImage result for the letter bhat you were all very good at scavenger hunts so every day this week we are going to do a scavenger hunt! Todays Theme is:

The letter B. 

Can you find 15 objects that begin with the letter B - the more fun and varied the better! Please then write a list, draw pictures, or gather them all together and take a picture to show us all your finds. Send them in to us at

Times Tables

In Class Three we try really hard to learn all of our Times Tables. These are really important to learn of by heart before going into Class Four. We use lots of fun games and activities to help us to learn each of the multiples and get quicker at remembering them! Have a go at one now:

Follow the link below and choose TimeTables. Then chose which times tables you want to practice! Have fun!




 You have all worked so hard at home, reading your books and quizzing so you can get to your target on Accelerated Reader. You have just this week left to earn points for this half term so keep it up!

Remember 30 minutes each day if you can! 


Keeping Active 

We love our PE sessions and daily mile in Class 3 as we learn more about how great exercise is for a happy and healthy mind as well as body!


Today or maybe this evening we would like you to enjoy a bit of a boogie! One of my Favourite songs is Happy by Pherell Williams and one of Miss Rogers' favorite songs is This is me from The Greatest Showman. I'm sure you have your own favorites too so turn them up and really enjoy a good dance. (Make sure everyone in the house joins in!)

Time to relax...

School is about learning so many different things, history, geography, RE, art, DT, music and so much more! We have lots of great learning Themes this year and we will share more about these later in the week! But today it is time for some Art.

We have seen lots of great art ideas that use egg cartons! So we have collected some ideas together for you and we would like you to see what you can create! 

If you make a bee, then please look after it carefully and bring it to school in September as it will look lovely on a display we are going to have. 
Remember to take a picture if you can send them into us at




Have a wonderful day everyone! We look forward to seeing all your work. 

Love Mrs. Lewis and Miss Rogers  

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