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14 Jan 2022
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24 Sep 2021
Greek Day - 21st September
20 Sep 2021
17.9.21 Back into the swing of it!
17 Sep 2021
We are Class Three
09 Sep 2021




More Ancient Greece

18 Oct 2019

This week in our theme work we have been continuing to discover more about Ancient Greece. We have sampled some of the food they may have eaten and we dressed some of our class members in a chiton which was a tunic made of linen or cotton.

The Olympic games were originally started in 776BC as a religious festival to honour the Greek God Zeus. The athletes came from the different city states all over Greece and the winners were given a wreath of leaves and a heroes welcome when they returned home.
The Ancient Greeks worshipped different Gods and believed that they controlled everything in the world. We have enjoyed finding about the Gods and making some fact files about our favourite.
Monday – Sports hall athletics, children need to bring their PE kit into school (shorts and white t-shirt with trainers or pumps) If they come dressed in their PE kit on Monday morning they must bring a school uniform to change into when we get back to school.
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