Home Learning week beginning 24th January

25 Jan 2022

Home Learning Links for this week. 


Try to complete an English activity and a Maths activity each day as well as half an hours reading and 10 minutes TT practice. (Think of the Dojos!) 

If you can also manage another activity too each day then you will truely have smashed your home learning! BUT please do not worry if you do not have the energy or resources or time to do all of this, we understand that you are at home and in a very difficult situation! Look after yourself and your lovely family... 


Year 4-
LI- To recognise and describe 2D shapes.
Watch the video- https://vimeo.com/559383442
Complete the worksheet -   -Y3-Summer-Block-3-WO7-Recognise-and-describe-2D-shapes-2020.pdf-  

LI- To identify different triangles
Watch the video- https://vimeo.com/559393590/611c50f4a1 
Complete the worksheet- -Y4-Summer-Block-5-WO3-Triangles-2020.pdf- 

Year 3-
LI- To identify horizontal and vertical lines.
Watch the video-  https://vimeo.com/553042103
Complete the worksheet-   -Y3-Summer-Block-3-WO5-Horizontal-and-vertical-2020.pdf-  

LI- To identify parallel and perpendicular lines.
  Watch the video- https://vimeo.com/554200617
Complete the worksheet  -Y3-Summer-Block-3-WO6-Parallel-and-perpendicular-2020.pdf-  


Lesson One:

LI: To revise word classes.

Lesson Two

LI: To explore expnaded noun phrases.


Here are your new spelling lists, you will be tested on these on Friday 4th February 
  -Butterflies - 1.docx-  

  -Dragonflies - Copy.docx-  


This week we are looking at the Biome- Rainforests

Where in the world are the rainforests? Look at this PPT    -Lesson Presentation Where Are the Rainforests.pptx- and then see if you can label the countries which have a rainforest on the world map.   -locate rainforests of the world.docx-  Once you have done that pick one of the countries you have lablled and use the internet to research, fill in this sheet with your work.   -country research sheet.docx-  

 Now lets look closely at the rainforest use this PPT to help you.  -Lesson Presentation Layers of the Rainforest.pptx-   Then can you match the captions on this sheet to the correct layer of the rainforest -layers of the rainforest.docx-  

Unfortunately the rainforests are under threat, can you find out about why? Create a poster to help save the rainforest.


This week we are exploring the question: " How are Christians caretakers for the world?" 
Have a think about how the Bible story Genesis tells Christians how to look after the world. (Think about what we learnt last week from reading the story.) 

I would like you to then researched how some Christians act as caretakers through their daily actions and jobs. Choose one of the following to research how they are working hard to help God's creation: 

A Rocha

Mucknall Abbey 

or Ruth Valerio 

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