Class 2 - Y3 & Y4 Home Learning

Remote Learning Week beginning 12.10.20

13 Oct 2020

In Maths this week we are looking at area and perimeter.

 As a simple start to this topic, remind your child how to draw lines, measuring them accurately. Children often need to be reminded that it is easier to draw lines horizontally, rather than vertically. Children should also be taught to spread out their fingers wide across a ruler to prevent it tilting, being sure to keep the tips of their fingers in the middle of the ruler to avoid ‘finger bumps’ in the middle of ‘straight’ lines.

What Is Perimeter? Perimeter is the distance all the way around a shape or object. If you are buying a fence to enclose a garden or a playground, then perimeter is an important measurement to know. 

Measuring Area by Counting Squares The area of a shape is the total surface that it covers. If a shape is marked out in centimetre squares, just counting the number of squares gives an answer in cm2 . This method works for all shapes and is most accurate for shapes with straight sides and right-angled corners. The letter shapes in this activity are ideal to practise counting area in cm2 . 

Activity 1
Maths- This week with Miss Rogers we are looking at place value- and then moving on to rounding and estimating. Have a look at the Powerpoint to help remind you about how we round to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. Then have a go at the rounding worksheet. 
On another day have a go at estimating, you will need your knowledge of rounding, round the numbers to the nearest 10/100/ 1000 and then work out the sum.

  -Estimating with rounding.docx-  

Check your understanding with this quick quiz
Literacy- In literacy over the next 2 weeks we are looking at instruction writing. This week we are looking  at imperative ‘bossy’ verbs and adverbs. Work through the powerpoint below. Can you write a list of verbs and write adverbs which you could use with them.
Imperative verbs Powerpoint
Now have a go at writing instructions for a familiar activity e.g. brushing our teeth.

Theme-  We are carrying on looking at the Stone Age. Research the cheddar man. Who was he, why is he important? You could start by watching this documentary from Channel 4, or you could go straight onto Google and do your own research.
Computing- coding- login to Purple Mash, go on 2code and either use free code gibbon to make own code or complete the gibbon challenges.

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