Class 2 - Y3 & Y4 Home Learning

Home Learning Week Beginning 10th Jan

10 Jan 2022



Home Learning Links for this week. 

Try to complete an English activity and a Maths activity each day as well as half an hours reading and 10 minutes TT practice. (Think of the Dojos!) 

If you can also manage a Theme activity too each day then you will truely have smashed your home learning target! BUT please do not worry if you do not have the energy or resources or time to do all of this, we understand that you are at home and in a very difficult situation! Look after yourself and your lovely family... 


Complete in the order they appear on here! 

1.LI: Identify features of instructions

2. LI: To devise ingredients for our Monster Pizza

3. LI: To develop a rich understanding of words associated with disgusting food

4. LI:  To geneerate vocabulary to use in our instructions.


Here are your spellings to learn for a test on the 21st of January


As before, please follow the teaching video and complete the worksheet. 


LI Divide by 10


LI:Divide by 100

LI: Multiply by 1 and 0

LI: Revision -  I can recognise different turns

LI:Revision - I can identify right angles in shapes.  


Year 3:

LI: Recap 5 times Table Facts
  -5times tables.pdf-  

LI: Recap division as sharing
  -equalgroups sharing.pdf-  

LI: Recap Division as grouping
  -equalgroups grouping.pdf-  

LI. I can recognise different turns-

LI:  I can identify right angles in shapes.


Have a go at this baseline quiz- 
  -baseline quiz.docx-  
Please note we have not learnt any of this yet so if you cannot answer anything that us fine, we will do all our learning and then repeat the quiz and see how much we have learnt during our topic. So no asking Grown ups or using the internet or a map to help!!!

Then have a look at this PPT. -au-g-12-my-place-in-the-world-powerpoint-english-australian_ver_1.ppt-  

Can you answer the question "Where do I live?" 
Make a mini book - Use the items below as headings for each page. Then add the answer and draw a picture/stick a printed picture

My planet
My Continent
My Country
My County (No pic needed)
My village/town/city
My street (if you have one)
My house 
Can you label the continents? How many are there?

If you want a challenge try this one instead, can you label any of the oceans aswell?

Enjoy looking at an atlas at home. Or at this online Childrens Atlas. 

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