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Tuesday 31st March 20

29 Mar 2020

Morning Class Three, I hope you are all refreshed and ready to go. It is really disappointing news that we will not be able to attend Bewerly Park this year, but let's try and stay positive and remain grateful for all the other fun opportunities that we have had and will have in the future.
All your learning activities are below, as usual, don't forget to have a go at one of the Learning project ideas if you get a chance today! Choose the one that inspires you most!

How did you find the multiplication task yesterday? Bit hard? Don't worry it is really tricky having the pressure of just a few seconds to answer, so well done to everyone who gave it such a good go! Congratulations to William, Aidan, Jacob and Max D for having the top 4 scores yesterday. 
To help you practise for the next time we do that assessment I have set up a TT rock star challenge! Login to find out more! Good Luck everyone. The competition starts at 9 and finishes at 3! Everyone can participate and help their team at their own level so get stuck in. 


Well done with your tests yesterday. If you have not yet emailed me your score on Purple Mash then please do when you get a chance!  (If you are not sure how to do this take a look at this  guide . ) I promised you a new spelling game so here it is, try it out with your choosen group of between 5 - 10 words... 
Quick Spell
You will need to make, or find, a couple of sets of alphabet cards. (Don’t need to be fancy- chop up paper and write letters on!)  Then scatter the cards out on a table jumbled up, but so that you can still see all the letters. Then ask a parent to read out a spelling – how quickly can you find all the letters?
You can develop the game in the following ways:
Time how quickly you can make all the words. Can you do it in under two minutes? Can you beat your own time?
Play a versus game – who can find the letters first?
Play an EPIC version – use a large space like the garden, or living room. Spread the cards out in the larger space and move quickly to find your letters!

Please read for 30 minutes from your current AR home reading book and remember to keep quizzing at the end of your books. There are still a number of children who have not managed a quiz since we finished school. Please do let me know if you are having difficulties. Remember you MUST login using this link . 

Well done Chloe E for your illustrated expanded noun picture yesterday and to the other children who emailed their work! If you have not already sent in your picture please feel free to send them in today to the school email address if you have a chance!

Your writing today is on Purple Mash.
2do: Local Area Web Page

Imagine that you are creating a page on a tourist website to give visitors information about your local area.
Think about: What places will you include on your webpage? Ripon? Harrogate? Fountains Abbey? Grantley? 
What information would visitors need to know? What can you tell them to help them when they visit?
How will you organise your information?  Could you use subtitles? Headings? 
How will you make visitors want to come? How will you make it sound interesting/fun?


 Learning Project Focus: Our Local Area

The project this week aims to provide opportunities for you to learn more about the area in which you live. Learning may focus on your local area, famous people, key landmarks and links to your city. 

Let’s Wonder: 
Think about your street. What type of houses are on your street? What type of house do you live in? What other buildings are close by? Find out about your local area, what different buildings does it have? How old are some of those buildings? How have they changed over time? Use a map to locate different places. Look on ​Google Earth​. Draw your own map of their local area. 

Let’s Create:  
Choose a building you most admire in your local area. Make a model of that building using materials of your choice. (Playdough, ​junk modeling​, lego etc…..) Reflect on your creation: How well did you do? What would you do differently next time? What have you learned by making this? 
Be Active: 
Try and be as active as you can daily! Make sure you get outside and exercise every day if possible or try out online exercise classes like Joe Wickes! Get out into the garden, pull up some weeds or mow the lawn? (With parental guidance!) Does your garden need a tidy up? Maybe you could plant some seeds. 

Time to Talk:  
Were your family members all born in this local area? If not, how is their place of birth different to your own local area? If they were, how different is the local area since they were born? Talk about their memories of how it has changed. 
Understanding Others and Appreciating Differences: 
Research different places of worship that can be found in our local area. Can you find their nearest Church? Mosque? Synagogue? Temple? Gurdwara? What can you find out about them? Draw pictures and label them with any information they find out. 

Think about what would improve the local area? What is our local area lacking? What spoils your local area? What could be done? 

Have a good day everyone. Remember to send those spelling scores to me on PM email! Take care and stay safe! 

Mrs Lewis 



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