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Class 3 Friday 3rd July

02 Jul 2020

Good morning everyone. 

Congratulations , you have made it to Friday at last! Woohoo!!!



Thank you for all of your amazing potions. You had some brilliant ideas and we had everything from invisibility potions to potions that let you walk through walls! I'm sure George would be proud of your potion making skills. Sorry I haven't been able to put everything up every day but my mission today is to make a super gallery to show everything we have done.

Slide Show 

 Poem Time

Lots of good advice in today's poem - no throwing fruit at the computer!

Ok, it is time to see what we are going to be doing today, remember you can do the activities in any order you would like.smiley

Collective Worship:

I hope you enjoyed the Collective Worship yesterday. 
Click on the "News" table at the top to go to today's.


Don't forget to do your 30 minutes of daily reading today. Everytime you read you learn something new or go somewhere exciting. I wonder what you will discover? I've been reading a book about camoflauge, but the problem is I put it down to make a cup of tea and now I can't find it!

Spellings :

That's right, it that time again. Time to look at your spellings for one last time and then ace your spelling test. Good luck!



We have been uisng MyMaths quite a lot this week and so for a change there is a link to a maths challenge om BBC Bitsize below. 

You can solve the question using lots of different methods (but I don't mean using a calculator before you get all excited wink) and see what works for you. Maybe you want to draw the problem or maybe you want to use columns to help you work it out, it is up to you. The answers are on the page too so you can see how you have done. There is one for Year 3 and one for Year 4 too. 

Year 3

Year 4

Writing Task:

When you go on a journey in a vehicle you get served some food if you are lucky (or at least that's the first thing I hope for), and I would like you to think of a menu you could serve to the people that are travelling with you. We are combining this with our handwriting for the week and killing two birds with one stone (don't worry, it's only a saying and no birds will be hurt, promise - unless you put them on your menu I suppose...).  I have put a menu below for you to copy if you would just like to work on your handwriting, but if you want to create your own menu you certainly can. 

Everybody likes different things so what goes on your menu is up to you. It could be vegan, vegetarian, meaty.... it is up to you. 
You might even want to theme it is where you are going - pizzas for a trip to Italy, fish and chips for a trip to Whitby..... again, it is up you.

(What do you call a sleeping pizza by the way? A piZZZZa.)

My menus are very basic, I'm sure you could come up with something far better. If it is ok with a grown up you could try looking on the internet to see what you could find. 


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 I hope you all have a lovely weekend and have lots of fun. I'll see you next week for a slightly different kind of week..... 

Learning Project - to be done throughout the week

 The project this week aims to provide opportunities for your child to learn more about transport. Learning may focus on modes of transport, transport in the past, the science behind transport, road safety and how to be safe around water. 

 ● Transport Inventors​ - Ask your child to find out about famous transport inventors such as ​Henry Ford​ and ​The Wright Brothers​. Create fact files about these inventors. Can your child draw sketches of different modes of transport ​then​ and ​now​. Can they place different modes of transport on a timeline using their invention date?   


● Colourful Collage​ - ​Ask your child to create their own transport collage. Encourage them to draw, colour or paint a variety of vehicles or make a large collage of one vehicle. Ask them to use bold colours to really make their vehicles stand out! The collage could be made using cut up squares from magazines and leaflets.​ Share the collages at ​#TheLearningProjects​.  

 ● Obstacle Course​ - Ask your child to find any toy transport (cars, trains, etc) they may have at home, then they can design an obstacle course for their vehicle to travel around. This could be on a track or floor involving ramps inside or in the garden. Another idea - get each family member to make a paper aeroplane and throw each one in turn and see whose travels the furthest. Ask your child to measure the lengths of the distance travelled and record these on a bar chart. Recommendation at least 2 hours of exercise a week
 ● Let’s Talk Transport​ -Talk as a family about transport in your life. Talk about how you get to school and work. Do you get your food delivered? Does anyone in the family operate a mode of transport? Is it their job? Discuss the first family car owned. Ask your child to mind map all of the ways your family relies on transport and then to imagine a life without it. 


 ● Transport Around the World​ - Ask your child to look at how people travel around in India. B​uses, cycle-rickshaws, autorickshaws, e-rickshaws, tempos (big, brutal-looking autorickshaws), taxis, boats, tongas (horse-drawn carts), metros and urban trains provide transport around India's cities. Encourage them to compare this to Venice and how the people there travel around​ (​gondola and sandolo tours all around the city). Can your child design a new vehicle suitable for each of these places thinking carefully about suitable and local materials? 
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