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Class 3 Friday 12th June

11 Jun 2020

Class 3 Friday 12th June

11 Jun 2020
Hi again. Well done, we've made it through to Friday!!


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Have a look at the below link. There are lots of ideas for different PE type activities that you could do at home; give one a go!


Well done to everyone who managed to log on and complete their MyMaths work yesterday. Today we will complete another piece of work based on time. 

That reminds me, I wanted to look for my missing watch yesterday but I just couldn't find time. 

The website link is below in case you need it.

Reading and spellings. 

I'm sure you know what I'm going to say now don't you? That's right mind-readers,  30 minutes reading and then work on your spellings too, please. Once you have had a last look through your spellings it is time for the highlight of the week - the spelling test! 
Ask your grown up to test you and see how you do. yes


We haven't done any handwriting practice this week so we're going to squeeze it in at the end of the week. I like to put a bit of calming music on when I do my handwriting practice to help me concentrate, maybe you could do the same (and yes I do work on my hand-writing at home because it is not very good so I'm trying my best to improve it. Miss Blake (my TA) tells me off if I don't write things neatly on the board in school).

I've put two pieces of text for you to use for your writing. It is not always easy for everyone to copy from a screen though so I don't mind if you want to choose a different text as long as it is about the same length - feel free to choose a different animal if you have a favourite too. 

Please take care with the spellings and concentrate on your letter joins to make it as amazing as you can. 

Once you have done it you could even decorate it and add it to your topic work collection this week. 


 Why don't jaguars like playing hide and seek? It's because they're always spotted. 


I also found a video all about the different layers in the rainforest that tells you all about it. I have put the link below but this is a Youtube video so please check with a grown up to make sure it is ok to watch (it is  BBC schools one).

Learning Project - to be done throughout the week

The project work this week aims to provide opportunities for your child to learn more about the world’s rainforests. Learning may focus on the plants, animals and insects that inhabit the rainforest, food that originates there and weather patterns. It could look at plants and animals that can be found in the garden too. 

 ● Amazing Animals-​ ​Ask your child to think about the following: How many different types of animals live in rainforests? Can they name any? What is their diet like? How do they hunt for their prey or hide from predators? Look at these ​11 amazing rainforest animals​. Encourage your child to choose one of the animals and create a poster all about them. 

 ● Layers of the Rainforest-​ Take a look at ​this​ information with your child, all about the layers of the rainforest.​ ​Ask your child to try creating their own diagram showing the layers of the rainforest and the animals you can find in each layer. Your child could cut and stick pictures, paint or draw!​ ​Can your child categorise the animals? 

 ● Roar!-​ Have a go at ​this​ forest themed GoNoodle! Finished? Ask your child to try making up their own rainforest-themed dance routine to the same song - they could pretend to be a different animal for each dance move! ​Recommendation at least 2 hours of exercise a week.

 ● One Step at a Time- ​Talk to family members about the deforestation of rainforests and think about how we could help by taking small steps at home. This​ article should help get them started! Can your child record their very own advert encouraging people to reduce, reuse, recycle? Encourage them to think about the impact on the environment, animals and their habitats, global warming and the tribes that occupy the rainforests. Alternatively, they could write a jingle about the benefits of recycling and perform this to the family. Share these at ​#TheLearningProjects.

I hope you have a great day, 
Mr G

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