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Tuesday 19th January 21

17 Jan 2021


Reception Home Learning: Tuesday 23rd June 2020 – St Agnes C.E. Primary  School


Good Morning Class 3. Well done for all the great work you did yesterday! Here is the outline for our learning today. 

English BFG - Writing the opening. 

Maths - Multiplication & TT practice

Science - Nutrition in animals and humans

Teams Call - 2pm We will be reviewing your English writing. Please already have completed this work.

As ever today we would like you to read for at least 30 minutes and complete your AR quiz and have some physical exercise today – remember extra ideas and information about these are on the home learning tab.



Today we will continue our BFG English Unit.

In this lesson, we will learn about fronted adverbials and recap the purpose of an opening. We will then watch and order the first part of the opening. Following shared writing, you will write the first part of the opening.  Happy writing! We will be sharing this work in our Teams call later. So please make sure you have done this work before we meet!
This link is also on Teams. 


Please complete 5 sessions on TT Rock Stars Daily. We will be awarding dojos for those children who are completing these sessions and giving bonus dojos for extra effort!

Remember if you can't print off the sheet don’t worry just make sure you write the question number and sum in your book.

You can mark your own work when you have finished it by looking on Teams, on the files tab for today's answer sheet.

Year 3

Today you are recaping your knowledge of division by 2. This will help you when you then move onto thinking about your 4 times tables later in the week. 

Parents Note:

Children should be secure with grouping and sharing. They will then use this to help them divide by 2.  Children should be able to count on in twos and know their 2 times table. 

Aut3.10.3 - Divide by 2 from White Rose Maths on Vimeo.

Year 3 Worksheet


Year 3 Extension:

  -Maths Extension - 19_01.docx-  


Year 4

Today you are Multiplying and dividing by 6.

Parents Note:

Children will use their knowledge of times tables facts in order to multiply and divide by 6. They use their knowledge of equal groups using concrete and pictorial methods to solve multiplication and division problems. 

Year 4 Input
Over the next few days we are unable to share the usual videos with you. Instead please use the Powerpoint below to refresh your thinking about multiplying and dividing by 6. If you are struggling with the maths though please shout and I can give yousome extra support! 


Year 4 Worksheet:


Year 4 Extension: (Scroll to bottom) 

  -Maths Extension - 19_01-V317163639.docx-  


Science – Nutrition 

Today we are continuing to look at how the food we eat helps our bodies to function and grow properly. There are two parts to todays lesson so please try and complete both parts.

Part 1 Human Nutrition

Use the powerpoint below to learn about the different nutriients we find in food. There is then a choice two of two activities for you to complete.

  -Nutrition - lesson 2.pptx-  

Now ...
Either complete this matching activity:
  -Nutrients match.pdf-  

Cut out and match the nutrient type and why you need it. Give another type of food for each category in the blank box. (If you cannot print then copy the information into your books.)
Or complete a Meal Plan:
Create a menu for a family meal that has foods which contain all of the different types of Nutrients. Record your meal plan – outlining what nutrients each food will provide.
Bonus Dojo’s will be given if you then go on and cook the meal for your family! (This does not need to be done today – but photographic proof of cooking will be needed!)
Part 2 Animal Nutrition:

Read or listen to the information in this second powerpoint. (If you would like to use the version with sound please find it in teams.) 

  -Nutrition - animal nutrition no audio.pptx-  

 Now have a go at the quiz I have set in Teams. (This is my first Teams quiz so I have my fingers crossed that it works!)

Any problems just email I will get back to you as soon as I can. Don't forget to send me your English opening writing, before 2pm if you can. See you soon. 

Mrs Lewis 

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