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Learning about Christianity and Islam

06 May 2022

Eid celebrations

The end of the long and difficult month of fasting during Ramadan is a cause for great celebration for Muslims across the world and our Eid celebration on Tuesday helped our children to understand the significance of this time for Muslims. Pupils heard from Muslim children from across the world talking about what Eid means to them and how they celebrated with their friends and family.

We then enjoyed our own mini party! The children tasted some traditional sweet treats including Baklava, Turkish delight, dates, milk cake and other authentic cakes . The Turkish delight had mixed reviews, but the baklava and milk cake were very popular! 

Please have a look through our photo galleries below to see our celebrations. 

Slide Show 
Slide Show 

 Exploring Christianity

Our big question in RE this half  term is "What kind of King is Jesus?"

This question helps pupils to explore the Christian concept of the Kingdom of God. We began our enquiry into this question by recording our first thoughts. They were able to draw on lots of past learning from both our RE lessons, but also their recent collective worships with Rev Ian and Cathy. The children are showing brilliant progress in their ability to discuss and analyse their opinions and ideas. 





We then explored what is the concept of The Kingdom of God. They learnt that Christians believe that it is, in essence,  where God rules - not a geographical place, more in human hearts and minds. We made connections to our learning about the Christian story of Gods creation and Gods rules and commandments and then responded creatively to what we felt the Kingdom of God might be like.  As usual the children were very creative and drew some inspiring images. Some children reflected on the world verses The Kingdom of God. 

 We moved forward then in our enquiry to consider what Jesus's parables taught Christians about the Kingdom of God. We read The Parable of The Feast and considered how this story shows Christians that all who are grateful are welcome in Gods Kingdom. Children were then able to start thinking about the qualities of Jesus as a king and indeed the qualities they believed all kings had. We had some fantastic discussion about this and considered some of the leaders we see around us today and what qualities they have - both positive and negative. 

Our learning journey will move on next to consider how Christians beliefs about Jesus impact their worship, behaviour and actions. 

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