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Monday 1st February

31 Jan 2021

Monday 1st February
         Class 4

Morning Class 4! I hope you're all ok, and you all had a lovely weekend. smiley

As I explained on our Teams call on Friday afternoon, we're going to be doing things a little bit differently from today onwards. Don't worry, it isn't too difficult. We are just going to be putting all of our learning together on Teams. 

So on Teams I have put a weekly overview (as a word document and as a pdf). This tells you what your learning tasks are for this week, and includes all the links you will need. I have also created a folder for each day of the week which will include any resources, such as powerpoints, that I create and can't be found online. I will only be putting those resources in the night before the lessons so all the folders are currently empty, apart from Monday's.

So what do you do?

Please login to Teams as you usually would for our call. 

You will see a page that looks a little like this. You will see on the left hand side of the page, that I have started a new channel called 'week beginning 01.02.21'. If you can't see it straight away, it might say 1 hidden channel so click on that and then you'll see it. Click on the channel 'week beginning 01.02.21'. 

When you have clicked on that - you will see this page. I have written you all a little message so you know you're in the right place. Now, you need to click on the 'files' tab at the top of the page that I have circled in red on this image.  

Then you should see this page... 

It is the weekly overview at the bottom of the page that you need to start with. I have saved it as a word document and a pdf so pick whichever suits your device best. When you open it up you will see a Monday column, and that will explain all today's tasks. If there are any documents that you need that don't have a link to, they will be in the Monday folder. 

I will still be asking you to send me one piece of work a day. It tells you at the bottom of the overview which piece I'd like each day.
We will also still be doing our Teams calls. I will call you through the 'week beginning 01.02.21' channel, so make sure you are on there when it's time for your call. The call won't appear on the 'general' channel. Today's call will be for everyone together at 1pm. Any extra pieces of information I need to give you will be written on that channel too. 
In fact, everything you need for this week will appear under the channel 'week beginning 01.02.21'.

Just incase!

As this is all very new, I have attached the weekly overview below incase you have trouble finding it. I will explain again in our Teams call this afternoon if you're struggling.
  -Weekly overview Wk beg 01.02.21.docx-  
  -Weekly overview Wk beg 01.02.21.pdf-  

One extra note...
Year 6, you have a powerpoint to look at/ listen to for today's maths lesson. It is saved in the Monday folder on this week's channel in Teams. You will need to download it so that you can hear my voice over the slides. The slides won't make much sense without my narration, and if you don't download it, you can't hear it.

This is how you download it. When you open it up from the Monday folder on Teams, you will see three little dots on the top right. Click on those.

Then these two options will come up - you need to click on download.  

Then it will appear at the bottom left of the page. Click open file and it will open up on your device for you. You will then be able to hear me talking as well as see the slides - you will just need to click on the volume icon.  

That's it! Good luck, and I'll see you all at 1pm. Looking forward to seeing you all. laughxx


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