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Class 4 - Thursday 14th May

11 May 2020

Good Morning Class 4

I hope you're all ok, and that you're not missing me too much! laughlaugh

Did you guess the answer to my riddle yesterday?

'I'm tall when I am young and I am short when I am old. What am I?'

The answer is 'a candle'. Well done if you got it right! I know that Josh, Charlotte, Lexi, Tom S and Tom C did. smiley
Here are the answers to yesterday's maths activities: 

-Year 5 Maths 4 answers.docx-  

-Year 6 Maths 4 answers.docx-  

A range of excellent work yesterday Class 4. There were lots of amazing pizza designs that made me feel very hungry. 
Purple Mash wasn't working that well yesterday; I'm sorry about that. If that happens in future, remember you're more than welcome to do your work in your exercise books or on word/ PP.
These are your tasks for today. Remember, you can do the tasks in any order, and you don't have to do everything if you don't have time. yes 


Have a look at the below link. There are lots of ideas for different PE type activities that you could do at home; give one a go!

Reading task:         
Reading is the most important task I put on here so please make sure you do it, even if you don't do everything else! 
Your reading task is to read for 30 minutes today. You should use your reading book for AR. Remember, when you complete a book, you can still do your AR quiz as you normally would at school. Follow the link below:

We have a number of children who have already met their Accelerated Reader targets for this half term. If you haven't, it's ok as you still have one more week after this one. If you haven't done any quizzing yet then you many need to start asap!
A huge well done to these reading superstars: Tom C, Joel, Jasmine, Jana and Jacob. 

Maths task:                                                                                                                                                 

Please login to the mymaths website using your login details. You can use the link below:

I have set you an activity for today. Year 5s yours is about scaling problems, and Year 6s yours is about finding percentages of amounts. Remember to go through the lesson before you do the questions. If you find it difficult, you can go back to the lesson and have another go at the questions. I will be checking how you're getting on as the day goes on.

Writing task: 
You'll be pleased to hear that I haven't given you a spelling task today. smiley However, that's because your writing task could take you longer than usual! 

The key question for today's writing is:       
How does the human digestive system work?

I would like you to write an explanation text to answer this question. You need to provide a clear description of how the digestive system works, and you can include diagrams if they will aid your explanation. 

You will need to do some research first so that you know the answer to the question, and then transfer the research into your own words so that you understand what you're writing. Your explanation should be clear and aimed at children your age, that is your target audience. 

Purple Mash was unreliable again yesterday so I'm more than happy for you to handwrite this or do it on word. I have set a '2do' for it just incase anyone would prefer to do it on Purple Mash.

Being kind...

Please make an extra effort to make sure you do something lovely today. Why not do something nice for a sibling or a friend?smiley

Learning project:

The focus for this week's project is 'food'. 

The projects this week aim to provide opportunities for you to learn more about food. Learning may focus on where different foods originate from, what makes a healthy meal, opportunities to cook etc. 

This afternoon, either carry on with the project you started yesterday or start a new one. smiley
Which Foods Contain the Most Sugar?​ You should choose a selection of food items from the food cupboard, fridge and freezer. You should then identify the nutritional label and record the amount of sugar that each food contains. Once you have gathered the information, record the sugar contents on a pie chart and evaluate the data. How will your findings change what you eat? 

Plough to Plate-​ Choose a food from any of the 6 main food groups.Then locate the country/countries of origin on a world map and work out how far the food item travels to get to your plate. Following this, you should sketch a diagram detailing the journey the food has taken and add captions and timeframes. What could we do to reduce how many miles our food travels? 

Creative Creations-​ Cadburys are launching a new chocolate bar. You will create a criteria for Cadbury chocolate packaging by researching current Cadbury products. Once you have a criteria, you will use this to design your own packaging (you may want to do this on a computer if you have access to one). Finally, gather some feedback from your family about the design. Use the feedback to adapt and refine the design. After creating the chocolate bar, you can then compose a jingle that could be used in an advert. This could be created by using household items such as pots and pans or by using these virtual​ instruments​. 

Come Dine with Me - ​You are responsible for creating a three course meal for four family members. You need to create the recipes for a starter, main meal and dessert. Think about what ingredients you will need to make your recipe and write a shopping list of items. You should then research how much the ingredients will cost using a supermarket website of your choice. Where is the most cost effective place to buy the ingredients? You could then test out a recipe by making it for dinner that evening. Family members may even wish to score each course!

A Balanced Diet - ​Think about the food a toddler might eat compared to an adult athlete. You will then choose five different types of people (e.g. a child, teenager, athlete, teacher etc.) and draw a plate of food that will ensure they are eating a healthy, balanced diet. Underneath each plate, you must justify why you have chosen these foods. Think about the calorie intake each of these individuals might need. Can some people have more of one type of food group? If yes, why can they? 

Have a lovely day, and I look forward to reading your writing about the digestive system.

Mrs Barker
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