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Class 4 - Monday 13th July

10 Jul 2020

Good Morning to the 'new' Class 4!

Hi everyone! So this week, this page will be for the current Year 4 and 5, who will be Year 5 and 6 in September, and so the new Class 4!

Current Year 6 I haven't forgotten about you, but you're in school with Mrs Lewis and so she is going to keep you busy! smiley

During this week, I will be putting on a range of activities that will help you reflect on this year and think about the year to come. 

It would be great if you could share some of the work you do with me. If you would like to, please email it to me at the class email address at I'd love to receive it. 

Getting to know you
During this week, I would love to learn a little more about you. Year 5, I know I already know you quite well, but I'm sure there's still plenty more for me to learn! Hopefully, you will learn a little more about me too. 

So for today, I'd like to know what your favourite thing to do is. What do you like to do most when you're not at school? Please can you draw a picture of you doing this, and maybe add labels too. 

Here I am telling you about my favourite thing to do...

Starting a new academic year is a time for you to say farewell to current teachers and classmates and hello to many new faces. It is important for you to cherish your favourite memories from last year. I would ​like you to create a drawing or art piece of your special memory​ and frame it in a hand-made photo frame. You may choose to draw a favourite lesson, a funny moment with friends, a school trip, your favourite teacher or a job role you were proud of. If you click on the link below, you will find lots of ideas for how to make a photo frame. Take your time with this task so that you can produce a wonderful piece of work.

Just for fun...
Make an origami frog! You will need a piece of paper which is 15cm by 15cm, green if possible! 

Follow the link below for the instructions.

Here is another set of instructions which you may prefer to follow.

Be active today

I would like you to create your own 'Joe Wicks style' work out today!

Make up a workout and pretend that you are teaching other people what to do. If possible, film yourself doing your work out, and then if you can, send it to me. 

We might use these in school!


Reading is really important to me, and hopefully to you too! Therefore, I would still like you to read for 30 minutes a day. 

Remember to keep doing the AR quizzes when you complete a book as you would do at school. Follow the link below:

If you have run out of books to read, then visit the enrichment page on our website and read the 'what can I read next?' article. 

PE is also really important to me, and so it would be great if you could choose a PE activity to do each day. This link has a range of different options for you:

If you would like to do a music activity, then Mrs Watkinson has a huge range of lessons available at the below link.

Have a great Monday. I look forward to hearing from you. 

Mrs Barker smileyx

(I should say that I'm in school today so if you don't get a reply straight away that is why.)

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