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Class 4 - Tuesday 14th July

11 Jul 2020

Good Morning to the 'new' Class 4!

Morning all! I hope you had a good day yesterday, and that you enjoyed the activities.

I was so pleased to receive so much work from you yesterday, and so much excellent work! I have included some examples for you as I was so impressed. smiley
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It would be great if you could share some of the work you do today with me too. If you would like to, please email it to me at the class email address at I'd love to hear from you.
I am teaching in school again today so if you don't get a reply straight away, that's why. 

Getting to know you

Yesterday, I learnt a little more about you and your favourite things to do. 

Today, I'd like to know what your favourite book is and why. I'd like you to fill in a book review to tell me all about your favourite book and why you love it. Click on the link below for the book review.

  -book review.docx-  

My favourite book is...


ery child is unique and special. Over the course of the last year, you have achieved so much. Whether that’s learning your times tables, developing your running skills or having the confidence to put your hand up in class and offer an answer.

An achievement is something that has been accomplished through great effort, skill, perseverance‚Äč or ‚Äčcourage.‚Äč I'd like you to mind map all of your achievements this year, both in school and outside of school. Can you identify your greatest achievement? I'd like you to write about this special achievement. How did you accomplish this? What barriers did you face? Who helped you?

I would like you to record this as a story featuring yourself as the main character, or as a newspaper report or even write a rap! It's entirely up to you! 

Just for fun...

I would like you to find some random objects around your house or school to try and make a 3D model or a portrait of yourself. You could use natural objects from outside if you prefer. 

If you can, please take a photo of your model or portrait and send it in to me. smiley

Birthday cards

I would like you to make a birthday card today! smiley

Every member of the class will make a birthday card which we will all sign and put together in a box. Then when it's a member of the class's birthday, they will choose a card from the box for them to keep. 

I'd like you to bring your card with you in September so keep it safe!


Reading is really important to me, and hopefully to you too! Therefore, I would still like you to read for 30 minutes a day. 

Remember to keep doing the AR quizzes when you complete a book as you would do at school. Follow the link below:

If you have run out of books to read, then visit the enrichment page on our website and read the 'what can I read next?' article. 

PE is also really important to me, and so it would be great if you could choose a PE activity to do each day. This link has a range of different options for you:


If you would like to do a music activity, then Mrs Watkinson has a huge range of lessons available at the below link.

Have a great day.

Mrs Barker smileyx

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