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Class 4 - Tuesday 31st March

30 Mar 2020

Good Morning Class 4

Happy Tuesday all. smiley       

I've got a joke for you this morning...   
'Why are ghosts bad liars?'
(Scroll to the bottom of the page for the answer.)

Awesome Monday work came from a lot of people. Well done Class 4! smiley Adrian achieved an incredible score on Sumdog; Ruby got 100% in the Purple Mash sentence game; Mia and Tom S got a joint highest score of 97% in the synonym and antonym game; Esther created a fantastic model of a swimming pool from modroc; and there were also many super character descriptions sent to me. A great day! Let's see what you can do today. 
These are your tasks for today. Remember, you can do the tasks in any order. yes 


I have decided to put this link on every day as a reminder to ensure that you get some exercise, in whatever way that might be. Exercise is so good for you and will really make you feel better. The website is being updated with new ideas all the time so please keep checking on it. 

Have a look at the below link. There are lots of ideas for different PE type activities that you could do at home; give one a go!


Maths task:                                                                                                                                                 
I have uploaded a maths work mat for you to do; there is one for Year 5 and one for Year 6.

  -Year 5 Maths 2.docx-  

  -Year 6 Maths 2.docx-  
You can write the answers in your exercise books, and I will put the answers up tomorrow so that you can see how you got on.

Then I would like you to work on Sumdog for 15 minutes. I will be checking your scores! 


Let's see if we can get everyone on Sumdog today!

Reading task:    


I would like you to read 2 chapters of your current reading book. As you are reading, I would like you to jot down in your exercise book any words whose meaning you are not completely sure of. Then when you have finished reading, I would like you to find out what these words means and jot them down in your exercise book. 

Remember, when you complete a book, you can still do your AR quiz as you normally would at school. Some of you need a few more points to reach this half term's target. 

Follow the link below:



I would like you to choose 5 words from the appropriate spelling list. I would then like you to write a synonym and an antonym of each word. I would also like you to write a sentence to explain the meaning of each word. 

  -Year 5 and 6 common exception words.doc-  

  -2nd 100 high frequency words .pdf-  

Writing task:                                                                                  

I would like you to think of or research a significant individual from our local area; they could be a historical figure or a current figure, but choose someone who interests you. 
I would like you to imagine that you are going to be able to interview that person. I would like you to write a set of 10 questions that you would like to ask them.
Then for 5 of the questions, I would like you to put yourself in the shoes of your significant individual and write an answer that you feel that person would give. You may need to do some research to help you with your answers.  
I have set up a 2do on Purple Mash for you to type up this work so that I can read it. I would like you to try hard with your presentation and typing of this task. 


Learning project:

This focus for this week's project is 'the area we live'.

Your learning aims to provide you with opportunities to learn more about the area in which you live. It may focus on our local area, famous people, key landmarks and links to cities. 
This afternoon, you can either carry on with the project you started yesterday or you can choose a different one to do.

An Architectural Masterpiece- ​ You can design a new building/structure to inspire the residents of our local town or city. You must research, plan, design and then make a model f it using materials from around the house. Create a criteria for success and then evaluate your model against this. 
 ● Promoting Your Local Area-​ Imagine a visitor from another country is coming to stay in Ripon or Harrogate for a week. You really need to impress them by showing them the most interesting places in our local area. Where would you take them each day? Plan the itinerary for each day detailing the transport that will be taken to each location, how long will be spent there, what will be eaten and any activities that may take place. 
Where in the World? - ​Have a look on Google Earth or Google Maps to look at the geographical features of Ripon, Aberystwyth and Perth (Australia). How are these places the same? How are these places different? What impacts the similarities and differences? After, you can then choose three different places and do the same thing. Do you notice any patterns?
 ● Places of Worship - ​Ripon Cathedral, Sawley Methodist Church, The Sikh Temple in Leeds, The Bilal Masjid Mosque in Leeds and The Leeds Hindu Mandir and  are ​all places of worship in our area. Can you order them on a timeline based on the year they were built? Why do they think some of these places were built more recently, whilst others were built many years ago? Do they think the society they live in has had an impact on this? 

 ● Rowntrees: A timeline- ​the Rowntree family had and still have a significant impact on York. You can create a timeline detailing the history of the company. You should include dates and details of significant events. How did Rowntrees impact the local area positively? How does Rowntrees impact the local area positively now? 

 ● Graffiti Art -​ Has graffiti always been seen in a positive light? How have attitudes towards graffiti changed over time? Is all graffiti good? Think about these questions and then design your own graffiti art using paper and crayons or felt tips.

Have a great day everyone, and I look forward to seeing your work. 

Take care 

Mrs Barker smiley
Answer to the joke...
'Because you can see right through them.' He He!smiley
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