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Monday 18th January

17 Jan 2021

Monday 18th January
         Class 4
Happy Monday Class 4! I hope you all had a lovely weekend in the snow! smiley
I am going to do a Teams call today for everybody together at 1pm, so I will see you then. 
enlightenedToday looks like...
English - To continue writing a biography about Harriet Tubman.  
Maths - TT rockstars & Dividing fractions.
1pm Teams call for everybody - Year 5 & 6. (Please have your maths work nearby.)
Art - RE - this is the last lesson on 'Was Jesus the Messiah?'(Please send this piece of work to me today. You can do this via email at class4@gfschools.co.uk or upload it to Teams in the 'files' section).

 Don't forget that you need to do 30 minutes reading today and some physical exercise too. Look at the home learning tab for information about both of these. Remember, you can do these activities at any point during the day. 

On Friday, 19 of you completed your TT rockstar sessions, and only 9 of you completed the Teams quiz. I have given feedback and Dojos to those who did complete it. I could reassign your Teams quiz to you as an extra      task; I haven't done that this time, but please can we try hard to complete these activities. 
 Remember to look at the daily Collective Worship. You can find it under the News & Events tab on the website, under School News. 

Your lessons for today are...


On Thursday, you started to write your biography about Harriet Tubman. Today, you will complete this piece of writing. 

Your learning intention for today's lesson is: To write a biography. 

Here is the link you need. Remember to pause your video whenever you need to. You will need to have the writing you have already done and your plan with you for this lesson. 


These are the answers for Friday's maths activities:
  -Y5-Multiply-mixed-numbers-by-integers-answers 15.01.21-V317075390.pdf-  
  -Y6-Divide-fractions-by-integers-1-answers 15.01.21-V317075415.pdf-  

Today's maths follows on from Friday's, and so is about dividing fractions by integers (whole numbers).

Here is the video to watch...

ere is your activity for today. I would like you all to give this a go; please don't worry about it, or presume it will be too hard. I promise that you're all capable of it. However, being taught by a video through the internet might not do the trick, so if you are finding it difficult, just stop and wait until this afternoon as I will go through it with you on our Teams call. 


You each have 5 more sessions to complete on TTrockstars today. I will be checking as the day goes on to see how you've done. Here is the link:



Today is our last lesson of our RE unit, Was Jesus the Messiah? 

I have attached a powerpoint below which will take you through the lesson. You will see there are volume icons on lots of the slides, if you click on that you will hear me explaining what I would like you to do. 

I would like you to send this piece of work to me today. You can either upload it to Teams or send it by email to class4@gfschools.co.uk

  -Was Jesus the Messiah 4-V317076455.pptx-  

Have a great day, and I look forward to seeing you all this afternoon. Mrs Barker smileyx

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