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Class 4 - Thursday 26th March

25 Mar 2020

Good Morning Class 4

I hope you're all ok and have been able to enjoy some of this beautiful weather. I'm still missing you all!    

A huge Happy Birthday to Tom C! 10 today! smiley I hope you have a lovely day in the sun; make sure you eat lots of cake! We look forward to singing to you when we're back to normal.                                 

There was more excellent work produced yesterday. Tom S, I loved your Purple Mash piece of work. Tom C, your project about your family is excellent, as is Josh's poem. Keep the excellent work up please. smiley

The answers to yesterday's maths activities are below, please mark your own:

  -Year 5 Maths 1 answers.docx-  

  -Year 6 Maths 1 answers.docx-  

These are your tasks for today. Remember, you can do the tasks in any order. yes

Have a look at the below link. There are lots of ideas for different PE type activities that you could do at home; give one a go!

Maths task:                                                                                                                                                 

Follow the below link to a website called Hit the Button. I would like you to focus on the activities for times tables, division facts and squared numbers.


Then, I would like you to work on sumdog for 15 minutes. I will be checking your scores! smiley
Reading task:                                                                                                                                     

For your reading task today, I would like you to read for 30 minutes. You should use your reading book or the book you used from home at the beginning of the week for the reading task. Remember, when you complete a book, you can still do your AR quiz as you normally would at school. Follow the link below:


I have attached a link to two grammar word mat activity sheets. There is one for each year group and so please choose the one which is appropriate to you. You can write the answers in your exercise book and I will put the answers up tomorrow so you can mark what you've done. 

  -Year 5 grammar 1.docx-  

  -Year 6 grammar 1.docx-  

Writing task:                                                                                  

I would like you to write a piece of persuasive text to argue your opinion on the following statement. 

Children should only be allowed to watch TV for one hour a day.

You need to decide whether you agree with this statement or whether you disagree. You then need to decide on the reasons why you feel this way and pieces of evidence to back up your side of the argument. You should then write this as a piece of persuasive text. You will need an introduction to introduce the discussion followed by as many paragraphs as is needed to put forward a convincing case, and then a conclusion to sum up what you have said. You may need to research some pieces of evidence to support your point before you start writing. 

When writing, I want you to think about: using correct and advanced punctuation; varying your sentence openers; using paragraphs to structure your work correctly; ensuring your writing makes sense and is easy to follow; and choosing carefully the language you use to engage the reader. I'm really looking forward to reading these as I know how persuasive you all can be!

I have set up a 2do task on Purple Mash for you to type this piece of writing on there. Follow the below link:

Learning project:

The focus for this week's project is 'family'.

This afternoon, you can either carry on with the project you started yesterday or you can choose a different one to do.

Music from the Past - You can research music from the decade your parents, grandparents or other older family members were born. What were the most popular bands or singers during this time? You could perform a song from this decade and create your very own dance routine. Explain how you need to improve your performance in order to achieve your personal best.
 ● Portraits and Photography- You could take portrait photographs of your family members considering light and textures. Following this, you can then use the photographs to draw portraits in pen considering light and tone.
 ● Classification- You could design a classification key based on the simple physical features of your family. We did these in science earlier this year. You can then test out the keys on each member of your family. Only use ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions.
 ● Nature vs Nurture- Think about your appearance, personality and your dreams for the future. How much of this do you believe is determined by your genes? How much of this is determined by your family/upbringing? Decide which traits are due to nature and which traits are due to nurture e.g. hobbies and interests or sense of humour. Try this out on other family members.
 ● Mapping Skills - Identify the countries or cities within the UK where your family members originate from or live. You can then plot these on a map and then create a bar chart to show the number of family members who live/lived in each city/country.

Have a great day everyonesmiley I am looking forward to reading your persuasive writing later on.

Take care 

Mrs Barker smiley


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