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Answering Big questions in RE

06 Mar 2022

Is it better to express your religion in arts and architecture or on charity and generosity? 

Our RE lessons last week took us on a learning journey that explored the big question above. We began by thinking about special and sacred places. The children reflected on what made places special for them individually. We discussed what made it special; was it the building, the people or something else? We then reflected on sacred spaces in our local area and explored the word sacred learning that it meant a place connected with God. 

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Our next step was to explore the Big  question - What value do mosques have for Muslims? Our world religion focus on Islam this year, meant that the children already had some great knoweldge to help answer this question, but we also used further opinions from believers to explore their own opinions and help them to reflect more deeply. We also researched where our "local" mosques were and looked at pictures of some of the most famous Mosques from across the world. The children were inspired by the beauty and elegance of the archietecture and art. 

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Moving forward we reflected on Christian places of worship, again looking at some of the more famous and impressive cathedrals from across the world. The children reflected on the question - Can a Christian place of worship be a building for the "Glory of God? 

Using all that they had thought about and learnt, the children this time reflected creatively by designing their own Cathedral - trying to create a blue print for a building that would be for the Glory of God. The variety of ideas was amazing! They all used their knowledge of a what Christians believe about God effectively when creating their designs. 

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Throne of Weapons - Wikipedia

Our learning then moved to consider the second aspect in our big question, charity. We explored: How do Muslim and Christian charities try to change the world? 

The children learnt more about the meaning of charity and what this means to Christians and Muslims.  The children learnt that whilst charity benefits those who receive the help, both religions also teach that those who offer charity are equally as rewarded. The children then dug even deeper and considered the work of a Christian charity, Christian aid and their support of an art project “The Throne of weapons." This was a project in Mozambique which saw decommissioned arms, being exchanged for peaceful tools and machinery.

We learnt that Christian charities worked to spread many different Christian values, including generosity, fairness, peace and love. Inspired by the Throne of weapons and a similar project the Tree of Life, the children used their creativity again to create artwork of their own in a similar style. 


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Final reflections

It is always such a privaledge to explore these big questions with Class Four. They respectfully listen and reflect on each others opinions and ask such interesting questions. We all learn a lot during these learning journeys and it is lovely to see the children dig deep, challenging their own and others thinking. Well done again Class Four!

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We have now moved onto our new question: What do Christians believe Jesus did to save human beings?
We will share that journey again when we finish... 



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